Euphoria Fans Cant Get Over This Similarity Between Fez And Mac Miller

Angus Cloud graduated from Oakland School of the Arts in 2016 and made his acting debut in HBO's "Euphoria" in 2019 as Fezco, better known as Fez. Cloud was discovered on the street in New York by a casting director, according to a 2019 interview with GQ, and was subsequently cast on the show.

Fez first appeared on "Euphoria" within the context of its protagonist Rue's drug addiction. Though it was clear that Fez cared deeply for her wellbeing, he was her first dealer and continued to sell to her post-rehab. However, he later took personal responsibility for helping Rue stay clean and even stood behind a locked door as Rue pleaded with him for pills.

Originally, Fez was not meant to become a significant player in the HBO series. "I was supposed to die in season 1," he told GQ. "Apparently, because they cast me off the street, I guess the character of Fezco was [never meant to stick around]." Nevertheless, the actor reasoned that writers appreciated his performance and chose to keep his character. However, Fez's original plotline makes more sense as a potential tribute to the late rapper Mac Miller. 

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Angus Cloud has style in common with Mac Miller

With Fez's increased presence during Season 2 of "Euphoria," Twitter was abuzz about Angus Cloud's character and his similarities to the late rapper, Mac Miller. In Season 1 of the series, Fez helped Rue come down from a high that reminded viewers of Miller's death from a drug overdose in 2018. One Twitter user wrote, "The actor who plays Fezco on #Euphoria looks and sounds a lot like Mac Miller ... I started crying watching Fez take care of Rue knowing that Mac died from a fentanyl OD."

Besides the eerie similarities between Mac Miller's and Fez's lives, they have their looks in common. One TikTok captioned "trying to figure out why I love Fez so much" showed side-by-side photos of Miller and Cloud in which they are nearly identical, with Cloud's ginger-colored beard looking just like Miller's. The "Euphoria" costume team has even put Fezco in chunky sweaters that look just like one the late rapper often wore. Though the show has never confirmed a connection to the rapper, the character's casting and costuming, as well as Fezco's initially fatal plot-line, are hard to ignore.

When Etalk asked Cloud whether he would ever play Miller in a biopic, he answered a definitive no. He explained, "I don't think I would be prepared to take on someone's life and legacy and try to replay that." He went on to call Miller a "legend" and said that the late rapper is "going to remain one."