Here's What Zendaya Looks Like Going Makeup-Free

Thanks to her starring roles in the sci-fi hit "Dune" and HBO's mega popular show "Euphoria," Zendaya is commanding a lot of attention these days. But this is nothing new for the actress, who has embraced life in the spotlight ever since her days on the Disney Channel. Per IMDb, Zendaya has also appeared in a slew of Blockbuster hits, including "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and "The Greatest Showman." On the Disney Channel, she appeared as Rocky Blue on the series "Shake It Up," making her debut when she was just 14 years old, per People.

Before she was known for her acting chops, Zendaya first tried her hand at child modeling, according to her IMDb biography. This is hardly a surprise, since she's known for her striking good looks. From her full brows to her high cheekbones, the actress has a classic, timeless look — and she's never held back from sharing her best beauty tips, per Teen Vogue. From smoldering eyes to a bold red lip, Zendaya has tried (and succeeded at) it all. But even if she's basically a pro at the makeup and beauty game, the star is just as stunning when she's barefaced too.

Zendaya is a natural beauty with no makeup

In a photo posted to her Instagram account in April 2018, Zendaya showed off her natural, bare-faced beauty. The Disney alum has a healthy, youthful glow that requires no makeup or filters. She doesn't appear to be wearing a stitch of makeup, other than a little gloss to add some shine to her lips. And the 2018 post isn't the first time that we've seen Zendaya rock a no-makeup look. On the set of "Euphoria," the actress plays a teenage drug addict and maintains a stripped-down appearance throughout the series. Perhaps she's comfortable going bare-faced, as she told Variety that she intentionally chose to go makeup-free for her first "Spider-Man" audition, in order to better convey her character's youth. Furthermore, "When I was 15, I wasn't allowed to wear makeup in school," she added, per Variety.

For those hoping to emulate Zendaya's stunning natural look, the actress prioritizes her skincare routine. "I find it therapeutic to give myself a facial and do all those extra steps: cleansing; cleansing with another cleanser; toning with, like, eight different things; then a spray; a sheet mask; a clay mask. It's a little self-care," she told InStyle in 2019.