All Of Len Goodman's Best Quotes On DWTS

Len Goodman is a TV personality admired for his success in the dance world, his British charm, and his blunt delivery. According to ABC, Goodman is an award-winning dancer with professional experience in various aspects of the dance industry, such as performing, teaching, and choreographing. He's most known for ballroom dancing and runs the Goodman Dance Academy in England. As if all that wasn't enough, he's also been a judge on the beloved reality show "Dancing with the Stars" since 2005.

"DWTS" is a reality show where celebrities are partnered with professional dancers, such as Derek Hough and Sharna Burgess (via IMDb). The duos must perform for a panel of judges to be scored based on their performances, and dancing couples are eliminated throughout the season. At the end of each season, one duo wins. During Goodman's many years as a judge on the show, he has said some things that were so memorable we just had to share his best quotes.

Len Goodman's funniest quotes

While Len Goodman is notoriously direct with his criticism, his honest approach to judging doesn't prevent him from being funny. These quotes make us laugh, and we bet you won't be able to read them without giggling (via Parade). "Your bum was bouncing around like a ball on a roulette wheel," he once told a contestant. Can anyone think of a more random analogy? Goodman made another specific analogy when we said, "It was like a match. Hot at the top, wooden at the bottom." How does he say these analogies without laughing?

Just when we thought Goodman's comparisons couldn't get any funnier, he brought smiles to our faces when he said, "You floated across that floor like butter on a crumpet." Now we're craving buttery pastries and breads.  

He stayed true to his blunt nature when he said, "Parts were magic, parts were tragic," but he made it clear that he's not afraid to make fun of himself when he said, "Hey, look who's here... the grumpy judge." He also showed grumpiness when he pointed out, "There are two things I don't like in this world: babies crying and hip hop" (via Parade). However, his funniest quote of all time might just be: "If you're in the bottom two tomorrow, I'll show my bum in the supermarket." We're just left wondering if he was serious!

TVLine brought up another hilarious instance, when Goodman said, "That was scary. I'm so glad I've got on my rubber underpants." 

These are his most inspirational quotes

We already know that we can count on Len Goodman to bring honesty and humor, but his words can be very inspiring as well. These are some of his most motivational quotes (via Parade). He once pointed out: "You don't win '#DWTS' in the ballroom, you win it in rehearsals. The more you sweat, the better you get!" This quote is an excellent reminder that success is a result of hard work, and practice makes perfect. He also said that "success comes in CANS not CANT'S." This is true, as a positive attitude is crucial for success. He reminded us that determination is necessary for anything we put our minds to when he claimed, "The only thing that has to be large on '#DWTS' is determination."

Although he's the self-proclaimed "grumpy judge," we love it when Goodman compliments contestants, as he can be very supportive at times. One quote that never fails to bring smiles to our faces is: "Three words: Fab... u...lous!" If Goodman says anything is fabulous, it must be perfect! We also loved his simple encouraging words, "Kill it, sunshine."

He brought one of his classic analogies in what appeared to be a compliment as well, when he said, "If you were playing poker, you went all in." He also expressed excitement when saying, "I'm giving you a sitting down standing ovation."

These are some more of his iconic quotes

We still can't stop laughing at those hilarious and inspiring quotes, but we couldn't stop there! We have to point out some more of our favorite Len Goodman quotes from "Dancing with the Stars."

What to Watch remembered the funny moment when Goodman said, "There you were like two sizzling sausages on a BBQ... Your bum was bionic." Every time Goodman says the word "bum," we can't help but giggle. We also can't get over this random analogy: "It was tasty, satisfying with a little bit of oaty flavor." We're not quite sure how a dance routine can have an "oaty flavor," but this iconic comparison brought smiles to our faces.

In an amusing YouTube video in the format of a montage dedicated to Goodman's judging moments, he addressed how the male dancers frequently take their shirts off. "As soon as we get a samba, all the men have to take their shirts off," he said, before pointing out, "You don't see me taking my shirt off and exposing myself to everyone!" Maybe Goodman should have a discussion with the "DWTS" wardrobe department to share his opinions!

In another entertaining YouTube video, Goodman showed off his sassy side as he told one of the duos, "Talk to the hand, will you?" Whether he's blunt, silly, sweet, or sassy, we can't get enough of Goodman's "DWTS" quotes. We have so much respect for him and can't wait to hear whatever he says next!