Where Are The Stars Who Played Marigold In Downton Abbey Now?

"Downton Abbey"s time on the small screen may have come to an end in 2015, but its popularity has remained ever strong thanks to its fans and, of course, its ever-growing film franchise. Many memorable characters have returned to the country estate as the films continue, including some of "Downton Abbey"s most loved child stars.


As for who of those will appear in the upcoming "Downton" film "A New Era", you'll only be seeing Fifi Hart reprise her role as Sybbie Branson (via IMDb). Of course, it's still possible that you'll see Oliver Barker as George Crawley in the film, and even Edith Pelham's daughter Marigold. Played by two sets of twins — Laila and Amelia Whitney and Eva and Karina Samms — she first appeared in series 5 and 6 of "Downton Abbey," per Downton Abbey Wiki

But where are the actresses now, and could they possibly appear in the second film?

Eva and Karina Simms aren't active on social media

As many viewers noticed when Marigold first appeared on the series, the actresses playing the character changed after only a couple of episodes. As one viewer notes on Reddit, Laila and Amelia Whitney played Marigold for the first couple of episodes in series five, but were switched to Eva and Karina Samms in the sixth episode. The Whitney twins made "a VERY brief appearance in episode 7" according to the viewer, but the Samms twins went back to playing Marigold after that.


When "Downton Abbey" came to an end, the Samms twins also made an appearance in the first "Downton" film (via IMDb). But outside of the ITV series, it seems that they haven't acted in anything else, according to their IMDb pages. And unlike Oliver Barker and Fifi Hart, the girls aren't active on social media either. It may be a little unclear as to where Eva and Karina Samms are now, but you there's still a chance that you'll see them in the next "Downton" film.