Everything You Need To Know About Flawless, Gabrielle Union's Beauty Brand

Gabrielle Union knows how to hustle, as evidenced by the fact she scored her first modeling job while interning at an agency in college on her way to pursuing a law degree, per IMDb. The budding star soon discovered her acting chops, and her legal aspirations were derailed in favor of a career in show business. Fans may remember her early days on screen, when she appeared in major motion pictures like 2000's "Bring It On" and "10 Things I Hate About You." But as Union's career continued, she proved that her talents weren't limited to the screen. As Refinery29 reported, she solidified her title as an entrepreneur by launching a haircare line called Flawless in 2017.


Practically as soon as Union's products hit shelves, beauty enthusiasts flocked to Ulta to stock up on the goods. But despite the brand's success, Union didn't seem satisfied with the path she was on. After struggling with insecurity due to hair loss caused by the IVF treatments she was taking at the time, the actress chose to take a step back from the venture. "I was coming off of years of back-to-back IVF treatments that left me with bald spots on my head," she told Refinery29. "It was the worst time to launch a hair-care line, when I was missing chunks of my own. It just felt disingenuous." By 2020 however, curl-centric brand Flawless was back and better than ever.

How Gabrielle Union revamped her haircare line

When Gabrielle Union planned the relaunch of her haircare line Flawless, she knew she had to make some major changes. One of those changes involved a shift in leadership. "I quickly realized that not being a Black-owned company was a problem; not being a Black-led company was a problem; not being Black-marketed company was a problem; not having Black publicists was a problem," Union told The Cut. Per Refinery29, she teamed up with her longtime friend and hairstylist Larry J. Sims to breathe new life into the brand. "Taking this break allowed me to have some time to prioritize how I wanted this brand to be," the entrepreneur told the outlet. As of this writing, Flawless is using their own platform to highlight other Black-owned businesses.


As part of the revamp, Union and her team developed a new line of products, all of which featured natural and healthy ingredients for hair — including Brazilian bacuri oil, Himalayan moringa oil, and African shea butter. As Sims told the Cut, "We used a lot of the things that were in our kitchens and in our refrigerators, like avocado oil." According to Flawless' official website, the products are also paraben free, sulfate free, and silicone free. The site allows for a personalized experience, enabling you to shop by needs and curl type.