Colorful Rainbow Nail Polish Trends You Won't Want To Miss Out On

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Bright colors are optimistic and uplifting, so we're not surprised to be seeing every color of the rainbow in people's outfits and makeup looks lately. While we love the timeless neutral trend that's been going on for as long as we can remember, we're glad to see more radiant colors having their moments. StyleCaster even pointed out that some of the trendiest colors of the moment include the primary color blue and radiant yellow, and we're obsessed with both. According to Color Psychology, wearing bright colors can help us appear more approachable and friendly, giving off a social, upbeat vibe. We're all for dressing brighter if it means making some more friends!

With the growing popularity of colorful clothing, decorations, and makeup, there's no wonder why rainbow nail polish trends are popping up everywhere as well. As noted by Pretty Designs, rainbow-inspired nail art trends are excellent ways for people who love to put multiple colors together to express themselves. The styles can range from solid-color rainbow designs to more detailed artistic designs on each nail. These are some colorful nail trends that we adore.

Have fun experimenting with pastel rainbow nails

If you want to explore rainbow nail polish trends but aren't comfortable with overly bold looks or neon colors, pastel rainbow nails are the perfect option for you. The rainbow-inspired manicure with a pastel twist has been dominating Instagram lately (via Refinery29). This playful look will add a little pop of color to any outfit you can think of without coming off as overbearing.

The subtle yet colorful manicure looks great on long, short, and medium nail lengths, and is easy to create. All you need to do is get some pastel shades of any colors in the rainbow that you want to include on your nails and paint each nail a different color (via Pinterest).

If you want to rock this soft rainbow look, you should consider swapping bright red for a pastel shade of pink for a softer look. You can never go wrong with pale yellow nail polish when creating a pastel look, either. Light shades of orange with more yellow than red tints, minty green hues, sky blue, and light shades of purple, such as lavender or lilac, are also perfect colors to use to master this look.

Get creative with colorful tips

As much as we love to see full nails in rainbow colors, we're also obsessing over rainbow-inspired nail tips. According to Glamour, there are many different ways to wear this trend, such as a traditional French manicures with rainbow colors instead of white, mixing and matching base colors with complementary colorful tips on top, adding floral details, and using actual mini rainbows as tips. While some of these designs may require a trip to the nail salon, the results will be worth it, as these looks will be sure to turn heads at work events, nights out with friends, family get-togethers, and date nights.

Although colorful tips are a tricky design for beginners to tackle, this trend is possible if you have some experience and are willing to invest in the right products. For instance, you can carefully paint the color onto the tips of your nails with a nail polish brush, and you can find many different options on Amazon. Or, if you aren't comfortable painting your tips, colorful press-on nails are another choice.

If you decide to make the trip to a nail salon instead, make sure to carefully think about how dramatic or low-key you want your tips to look, as this design can feature dark, neon, or pastel shades of the entire rainbow.

Get glittery with these sparkly designs

According to British Vogue, sparkles are one of the biggest trends in fashion right now, as many beloved celebrities have been rocking the sequin look lately, including Lady Gaga, Saweetie, and Nicole Kidman. So why not get the best of both worlds by wearing a rainbow manicure with some sparkle?

According to Society19, there are plenty of ways to incorporate some glitter into your rainbow-inspired manicure, such as chunky glitter styles, pastel rainbow-inspired nails with sparkle, colorful sparkles with negative space, a marble effect, and nail jewels.

One way to achieve this look is to paint your nails with colorful polish as you normally would, then add a semi-sheer coat of sparkly polish on top of the base layer. You can also purchase rainbow-inspired glitter and apply that to all your nails. Another way to add some shiny glamour to your nails is with jewels. Walmart sells many nail rhinestone options for you to add some intense sparkle to your nails. Whether you add some rhinestones to one colorful fingernail for a fun accent or go bold and add them to every one of your nails, this look will be sure to make you look like a star.

Whether you want to explore pastels, colorful nail tips, sparkly designs, or all of the above, you can't go wrong with these beautiful rainbow nail polish trends.