Here's Where You Should Live If You're An Air Sign, According To An Astrologist

Anyone who has even looked into buying a home knows that there are a whole lot of factors to take into consideration. Obviously aspects like price and place have a major say in what your next home will be. But it turns out that you also need to really know yourself for the process to go smoothly. In fact, knowing what your zodiac sign really means could be the key to finding the right home for you. 

"When choosing a property, whether it's a dream home or a more attainable one, personality, sense of self, basic preference, traits and behaviour and more important than one would think," author, neuroscientist, psychic and clairvoyant Maria Afentakis told Martin & Co. If you're an air sign, that means a place to get creative and not feel too restricted. You'll want to hone in on finding a tranquil environment, according to Afentakis.

Here's a breakdown of the perfect living space for each air sign, so you can feel at-home even before you move in. 

Geminis should cozy up in a riverside cabin

If you're a Gemini, there's a good chance you're here because you're not exactly sure what you want in a place to live. Your mind might be ever-changing, but there a way to get the best of both worlds in a home — opting for a little riverside cabin. 

"Geminis are gentle, curious, and creative with the ability to learn quickly," Maria Afentakis told Martin & Co. "However, they can be nervous and indecisive so choosing a property which they can revamp throughout the years is crucial." A cabin is a great choice because it can be a party house in the summer and a cozy little space to hibernate in the winter.

Of course, that's a dream property. If you're looking for something a little more practical, Afentakis suggests a spacious apartment with a garden near it. That way you have plenty of space to create. After all, a Gemini needs to consider certain careers to be happy, and their personal and work spaces need to align. Bonus points if there's a balcony for you to grow your own plants. 

Aquariuses are at home in a quirky space

Aquarians don't just want your average home. It's the quirkier the better for this air sign, with Aquarius' characteristics being very different from other signs. That means opting for something funky like a converted warehouse or something built right into nature. The more personality that the home has, the more it will feel like a home to this zodiac sign.

"Independent and progressive, Aquarius has a real sense of style and is not afraid to show it off," says Maria Afentakis (via Martin & Co.). "Always looking for the next opportunity, Aquarians need a space where they can think." That means making sure that you're surrounded by plenty of nature and hideouts to escape to

According to Afentakis, the perfect home for an Aquarius isn't actually all about the space as much as it is what's surrounding it. She says that Aquarians are always thinking, dreaming, and planning, so you'll want to make sure there's plenty of nature and places to walk surrounding your home. 

Libras call a modern bungalow the perfect home

Libras, you might be indecisive but there's a method to your madness. No matter where you live, your place is going to be orderly and aesthetically pleasing. But if you're looking for the perfect space, a modern bungalow is the way to go for you. 

A Libra's home is all about balancing all their many parts, meaning it has to be great for hosting and getting work done. "Libras are all about balance, diplomacy, and aesthetics," Maria Afentakis tells Martin & Co. "They are also a very social sign, so require an expansive, welcoming space to host and impress those close to them." Bottom line: You will work hard to make any place that you buy or rent a home (via Co—Star Astrology). Just makes sure there's plenty of space for family and friends.

When in doubt, air signs should opt for plenty of space and greenery. Then, no matter the place, an air sign is in their element.