If You're A Virgo, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

Virgos, being the logical, organized, gentle, loving, intellectual signs they are, like their homes and personal spaces, tidy, practical, and comforting (via Allure). Their pantries are probably perfectly organized, their living rooms are set up for ease, comfort, and practicality, and their sleeping spaces are neat and relaxing. Being as connected to the natural world as they are, they also love to bring calming and healing elements of the outdoors into their homes, whether in the form of beloved pets or sea shells or houseplants.   


Houseplants are actually proven to be good not only for physical health, but also for mental health by boosting the mood (via NBC). Caring for them can also help create a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. For Virgos who want to bring some part of nature into their living space, astrologers feel there are certain plants that might appeal most to this grounded, thoughtful earth sign.  

The perfect plants for a Virgo's home

Astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Better Homes and Gardens she has the perfect plant for a Virgo. "Attention to detail and care is what Virgo does best," she says, "which makes the opulent (though fussy) banana plant a good match." Monahan says. While you wouldn't probably want a full-sized banana plant in your home, as they are generally just meant for outside to produce fruit, you can definitely grown what is calls a dwarf banana plant inside. While they won't produce fruit indoors, they do grow beautiful, leafy, and tall. To keep one happy, they need direct sunlight and frequent watering. 


The Spruce, on the other hand, says Virgos might relate particularly well to the prayer plant. It gets its name from its tendency to fold up its leaves at night, giving the impression of hands pressed together in prayer. Because Virgos tend to need serious time closing the world out to sort through and process their complex feelings, thoughts, and experiences, they might see something of themselves in this complex, beautiful plant.