Steven And Calah Talk Joe Millionaire Season 1 And Their Future Plans - Exclusive Interview

"Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" isn't your typical romantic reality series, and the bachelors of "Joe Millionaire" aren't your typical bachelors, either. In fact, the series hinges on a unique premise: One of the bachelors is a millionaire, and the other isn't. Then, in more traditional style, they meet a variety of women, whom they eliminate as romantic prospects over the course of the season — until only one remains. Some outlets, like The Washington Post, haven't taken a liking to the series, preferring the original 2003 "Joe Millionaire" to this reboot. However, for those on the new show, "Joe Millionaire" has changed their lives.

Helmed by bachelors Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers, "Joe Millionare" is ultimately a series about finding love without being attracted to money (Naturally, the women contestants don't know which bachelor is the millionaire). Now, Season 1 of the reboot has officially wrapped, and McBee was revealed as the season's millionaire. McBee ultimately chose Calah Jackson, the "mysterious" contestant from Texas who was ready to embark on a new adventure.

Luckily, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk to McBee and Jackson together ahead of "Joe Millionaire's" finale, and they revealed not only what their experience on the show was like but also their plans for the future, how they'll adapt to life together, and whether they'd seen the original series before taking part in this reboot.

Steven and Calah reveal their experience on 'Joe Millionaire'

Season 1 of "Joe Millionaire[: For Richer or Poorer]" has officially wrapped. Tell us about your experience on the show, and how you have felt watching it back.

Steven: Yeah, it's a little nostalgic watching it back because it seems like it was yesterday and we're staring down, what? Five months now?

Calah: Yeah.

Steven: It's been five or six months. It's been a while, but watching everything back, it's so crazy to see that moment that we were in, that journey that we all took together and it's really something that you can't describe unless you've been in that scenario. It was wild.

Was the final TV cut the same as you remembered it happening?

Steven: For the most part, I don't think there was any inaccurate portrayals. There was definitely some misconceptions [regarding] the way that it was edited to try and mislead the viewer for suspense, but as far as portrayals of people and how everyone was on the show, I think everything was pretty accurate.

Calah: I agree with that. They did leave out, to build suspense for the finale, a lot of our conversations and the connections that we had early on. Other than that, everything was pretty spot on.

Steven: For sure. Cal and I hit it off really early on and there was a lot of conversations that didn't make the edit just because for suspense. Other than that, everything was good.

Were there any specific moments or conversations or anything that you wish had made the cut?

Steven: There was a few, I think one of them probably saved Kurt [Sowers] and I. After our movie premiere night meltdown, we wrote a song for the women and we played it for them at the campfire. It was called "Broken in the Bathroom."

Calah: Oh, my goodness.

Steven: Kurt and I are horrible singers. I think Sally Ann and everyone over at 495 Productions tried to help us out a little bit and not embarrass us in front of America, so they didn't put us singing there.

Calah: I promise you it's definitely better that it did not make the cut. The lyrics alone were hilarious, and then trying to sing it and play it for us — it was funny.

When they realized they wanted each other

That is so funny. I feel that's something, if there is footage of it, that would be so funny to post later on as a throwback.

Steven: Absolutely.

Calah: Yes.

Getting into the relationship side of things — at what point during the season did both of you realize that you wanted each other?

Calah: I definitely was a little bit more guarded than the other girls in a sense that I was just not as assertive as them. We're in a dating show and it's such an unreal experience, so I didn't really know how to go about it. I was myself the whole time, which is a little bit more reserved. I don't know a specific moment, but I knew pretty early on that Steven and I hit it off. We have a lot of similarities and I was into Kurt as well, but I definitely was leaning a little bit more towards Steven the whole time.

Steven: From day one, I  think one of the first conversations Cal and I had, she told me she was from Dallas and that her stepdad had a cattle ranch. That was very interesting for me because of what I do day to day. We always had that connection, but it was really about, in order to get the full experience out of the show, keep your options open and make sure you're really getting to know each and every person on the show. You don't have a lot of time, so it's not like you can spend all of your time with one person because everyone else would be left aside. You'd never have time to know who they were. 

Cal is saying she's guarded, I'm very guarded as well. It took me a while to really open up to any feelings. That is something where we hit it off throughout the entire show, knew we had a great connection, then once we got into the real world where it was no cameras [and] actually able to focus on our relationship, realized how much stronger our connection was than we had even thought on the show. It's really built over time.

Calah: Yes, definitely.

How their relationship has been since production finished

In that same vein, which moments from the show or aspects of filming the show were maybe the hardest for you two, and how did you overcome them?

Steven: For me, I would say the ... how surreal the moment was. It was very hard for me to catch feelings for these women. It felt, for at least the first half of the show, with all the cameras around, I was so focused on the cameras, trying to make sure I wasn't flubbing over words, that I wasn't really focused on my connections with the women. Then, at about the halfway point, [I] realized that the cameras were there in the background. I needed to worry about truly getting to know these women on an emotional spiritual level. That's what really helped me out.

Calah: The hardest part for me, the same thing, except I never got over the cameras' in your face aspect of it all. It was definitely hard to open up and with the 18 other women there, trying to put yourself out there and be more assertive was also a challenge for me.

Have things been different since production wrapped? I know you have to keep things secret while filming and even up until airing. Have things been different for you two, especially since you had to hide your relationship?

Steven: Yeah, we definitely have had to keep things under wrap, which is very difficult. We can't go out in public. Can't do the normal things that people in relationships do, [like] post about each other on social media. It's been a challenge, but for the most part, we've seen each other quite a bit, just haven't gone out in public. We've been able to build on our connection, our relationship, and really looking forward to actually being able to tell the world that we're together. It's been very interesting. I've obviously never been in this scenario where I'm dating someone and literally can't talk about it.

Calah: Yeah. Keeping it very private. Outside of the show, our connection has grown so much stronger.

On how they'll both thrive in Missouri

I heard that you two will be living in Missouri Will that be a big change for you, Calah?

Calah: Oh, yes. Actually, I am moved up here now. I am a Missouri resident. Coming from Dallas, I lived in the downtown area. Moving from downtown to middle-of-nowhere Missouri has been a huge change, but I love it so far. We  have a house closer to Kansas City that will be ready at the end of this month. It's been a little bit of an adjustment. It snowed here today. Yesterday, I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt in Dallas. It's been a little bit of adjustment, but it's all very exciting changes happening.

That is really exciting. Well, congrats again, both of you.

Steven: Thanks so much.

How do you two plan on making the farm a space where both of you can really thrive?

Steven: I have several other companies as well, and then Cal is getting her real estate license. She has several things going for her on her own. Whenever we move into our house that's down by Kansas City here at the end of the month, the farm will be more of the weekend getaway rather than being here –

Calah: Full time.

Steven: Full time, yeah.

That sounds so fun. What will be able to change for you two now that you'll be able to live publicly together? Are there places you've been maybe dying to go together?

Steven: Oh, yeah.

Calah: Oh, my gosh, being able to go to a restaurant on a normal date is going to be amazing.

Steven: Yeah, we are huge, huge foodies. We're looking forward to going out to Kansas City and eating at any and every restaurant we can.

On if they ever watched the original 'Joe Millionaire'

On the show, these types of series, they twist and turn and they keep you on the edge of your seat. What were some of the most surprising moments for you two?

Steven: For me, Night 1, having a girl that I knew previously on the show through a ranch. No one expected that. There was a lot of comments that I got on social media, like "Oh, that was set up", or "That was staged." That was 100% real. That was before I'd even met the women and gone and talked to them. I was like, "Did I do something wrong? Am I about to get kicked off? What just happened?"

Calah: Going into it, we had no idea what the show was about. All we knew [was that] it was a dating show and we assumed it was one guy. Having two men come out and then finding out what the concept of the show was about was a huge surprise.

I can't even imagine. This series riffs off of the original "Joe Millionaire" from 2003, had either of you seen that? Did it leave you with any preconceived notions of how the show might pan out or anything?

Steven: Nope. I have not seen it.

Calah: No, I have no idea.

Well, that might be fun to go back and watch now.

Calah: Yeah.

Steven: Absolutely.

Calah: We should for sure.

In your opinions, what makes this series different from other romantic reality series?

Steven: The biggest spin on it is the fact that there's two guys. That was even larger than the money aspect of it. You don't see that in dating shows — two guys that really get along. We look different, Kurt has a different appearance than I do, and it gives these women the option to choose, too. That's a really unique spin and a really cool spin on the dating show.

How Joe Millionaire is different from other reality series

Calah: I agree with Steven, the two men is a huge differentiator. Maybe it's not shown in other dating shows, but the women in the house, how well we all got along during the show — that was a huge differentiator as well.

Steven: For the most part, the entire group got along, which I guess doesn't make for the greatest TV.

Calah: I know.

Steven: The fact that there wasn't as much drama.

Calah: As much drama, yeah.

Steven: It was a unique set of the women and the two guys that were there. It was a really cohesive group. We called ourselves a dysfunctional family.

Calah: Yep. Sister-wives.

Steven: Yeah.

That's nice to see, especially in a time right now where there's so much divide. It's nice to see a show where everyone is actually just nice and friendly and everyone's getting along. That's really nice to see. We cover a lot of various reality shows and everything at The List. We always ask everybody, what are your favorite reality series to watch, and are there any others that you would even want to be on?

Steven: I hate to even say this, but to be honest, I've never watched a reality TV series. She moved up last night and we got Netflix at my house. Before that, I didn't even have any type of internet, cable, anything in my house. I haven't turned on the TV in like 10 months.

Steven and Calah reveal what's next for them

Oh my God. That's so funny.

Calah: Yeah, thank goodness, he got it. He finally got it. He just got wifi literally as soon as I moved up. Thank goodness. Before, I've never watched any reality dating show or anything like that. I've seen maybe two episodes of "The Bachelor," but my favorite would have to be "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." That's my all-time go-to, love that show.

It is a classic at this point.

Calah: It's classic, definitely.

What can you tell us about what's next for you both individually and as a couple?

Calah: Yeah, we're going to see where things lead. I know we're working on several things together. Cal is finishing up her real estate license and I'm a builder. There's some cohesiveness there, [and we'll] get some of these houses, some of these townhomes, or even commercial projects built and then have Calah list them for me. We've got some exciting projects that we're going to work on together through that.

Steven: I have my real estate license in Texas, so I'm working on getting it in Missouri as well. I'll have it in both states.

That sounds amazing. Especially being able to combine both of your careers. That's really awesome.

Steven: Yeah, absolutely.

Calah: It'll be fun.

You can catch Steven McBee and Calah Jackson in "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" Season 1 on Hulu.