William Hurt's Net Worth At The Time Of His Death May Surprise You

Oscar winner William Hurt has died at the age of 71 from natural causes, according to Variety. The actor was best known from movies like "The Big Chill," "The Accidental Tourist" and more recently, from the "Avengers" films (via IMDb). You may also recognize Hurt from his role as Daniel Purcell on the show "Damages."

But Hurt was a working actor in TV and film since 1977, when he started his career in the show "Kojak." Over the course of the star's several decades in Hollywood, he appeared in dozens of films, from "The Incredible Hulk," to "Robin Hood." He was nominated for four Academy Awards — two nods for lead actor in "Children of a Lesser God" and "Broadcast News" and one for a supporting role in "A History of Violence," as well as his 1985 win for "Kiss of the Spider Woman."

It turns out that Hurt's success was predicted by his Massachusetts high school. In the yearbook, it was said about Hurt, "you might even see him on Broadway" (via Celebrity Net Worth). And indeed, Hurt did go on to realize glory in the acting world, with an income to match.

William Hurt's private life was as dramatic as his on-screen exploits

From a Bafta to a Golden Globe, Hurt was nominated for and won countless awards for his TV and film work over the course of six decades (via Celebrity Net Worth). But his personal life was also full of drama. The star was married twice, to Heidi Henderson and Mary Beth Hurt, with neither union lasting more than a few years.

During this first marriage, Hurt had a child with another woman, Sandra Jennings, who later sued him, claiming she should share his income due to the couple having engaged in a common law marriage (via The New York Times). Hurt did not end up having to split the $10 million he reportedly had earned by that time.

But that was not the end of his relationships being in the media, with actress Marlee Matlin claiming in her book "I'll Scream Later" that the actor physically and emotionally abused her while they were together (via New York Daily News).

Hurt had four kids from his various relationships. Another notable event from his life is that Hurt battled prostate cancer around 2015 (via Radar Online). 

Ultimately, the star died with a net worth of $8 million.