Joe Millionaire's Steven And Calah On How They'll Adjust To Life Together - Exclusive

Season 1 of "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" has concluded with one lucky contestant earning the love of millionaire Steven McBee, though viewers naturally didn't know whether McBee or the season's second resident bachelor, Kurt Sowers, was the millionaire until the season's finale. "Joe Millionaire's" Steven and Kurt kept viewers on the edges of their seats as they courted many women throughout the season, with no one knowing not only which bachelor was the millionaire but also which lucky woman would end up with the millionaire.

"Joe Millionaire's" bachelors ultimately created a season of suspense, but viewers can take a deep sigh of relief, as they now know that McBee is the millionaire — and that he chose contestant Calah Jackson as his partner (via Variety). McBee and Jackson appeared to have an instant connection on the show, but things may not have been as instant between them as viewers might have perceived. 

We at The List recently chatted with McBee and Jackson about their time on Season 1 of "Joe Millionaire, and they revealed, in part, that it took each of them a while to realize that they wanted each other. After all, McBee's job was to court many women at once, meaning he couldn't have had too much time to spend on each woman. On the other hand, Jackson explained that she entered the situation "more guarded than the other girls." Still, McBee informed us that they spoke more than viewers saw. "They did leave out, to build suspense for the finale, a lot of our conversations and the connections that we had early on," he explained.

Still, they won each other's heart in the end, and now we know how they'll adjust to life together now that their relationship is public.

Calah moved to Missouri the week of the finale to be with Steven

For Calah Jackson, who's from Dallas, Texas, moving to Missouri was a big jump, but both she and Steven McBee are excited for their future together. In our exclusive interview with Jackson and McBee, the happy couple revealed that they won't be living on McBee's large farm. Instead, they purchased a home together closer to a bigger city while still in proximity of the farm, a perfect compromise.

"Whenever we move into our house that's down by Kansas City here at the end of the month, the farm will be more of the weekend getaway," McBee told us. Naturally, McBee has several companies, not just his farm, which keep him busy, but Jackson revealed that she's close to getting her real estate license in Missouri, meaning they'll be a power couple in no time.

"It's been a little bit of an adjustment. It snowed [in Missouri] today," Jackson told us of her adjustment. "Yesterday, I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt in Dallas. It's been a little bit of adjustment, but it's all very exciting changes happening." Together, the two are ultimately just happy that their relationship is public now, as they had to hide it between the end of "Joe Millionaire" Season 1's production and the finale's airing. 

You can catch Steven McBee and Calah Jackson in "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" Season 1 on Hulu.