The Hilarious Prank Micah Plath Played On His Brother

When fans were first introduced to Micah Plath, it was as one of the siblings in the large Plath household. Viewers grew more and more fascinated by the Plath family as TLC's cameras caught every moment of their lives on camera on the hit reality television series "Welcome to Plathville," (via CheatSheet). In the south Georgia town of Cairo, Kim and Barry Plath have raised their large family with fundamental Christian principles in place. The Plath children have lived a life mostly devoid of sugar and modern technology, and the strict limits have led to some members of the family striking out on their own.

Ethan Plath was the first to leave the Plath family home to begin a life with his wife, while Micah and Moriah Plath stuck around a bit longer before moving into their own place together (via The Sun). Since then, Micah has pursued a career in modeling while maintaining a close relationship with his siblings. In a video posted to Micah's Instagram account over the weekend, the family proved that they're having more fun than ever.

The Plath siblings know how to celebrate

Recently, members of the Plath family gathered to celebrate Micah Plath's birthday. Micah posted a video of the celebration to his Instagram on March 10. Showcasing their humor, the family decided to play a classic prank on the birthday boy when it was time to cut the cake.

As Micah approached his birthday cake, people urged the young model to lean in and smell his cake. Sensing the funny business, Micah managed to get his older brother, Ethan, to lean into the celebratory cake, instead. As he did, Micah pushed Ethan's face into the cake. "I got him so good, they told me to smell my cake but I'm aware of the consequences and then Ethan walks in and fell for it," Micah captioned the video. Fortunately, Ethan wasn't upset and joined the rest of the partygoers who howled in laughter following the prank. 

While the whole family wasn't gathered at the party, a lot of them were amused by the prank whether they were present or not. "Hardest I've laughed in a while," wrote his sister, Moriah, in the comments of the video. Another sister, Lydia, commented with a series of laughing emojis, adding, "wish I was there!!!"