The Untold Truth Of Micah Plath

The highly-anticipated sophomore season of Welcome to Plathville sees cool kids Micah and Moriah out on their own, trying to establish some independence away from their domineering parents. Kim and Barry's strict rules for their nine kids are well-broadcast at this point; the Plath brood aren't allowed watch TV or movies, use technology including cellphones and social media, drink soda, or eat sugary junk food. Season 1 of the show made headlines thanks to the kids' cluelessness about some of the most famous people in the world.

Now, however, both Micah and Moriah have active social media accounts and are branching out into careers in modeling and music respectively. They're very fond of a good selfie and love working out at the gym together, often sharing the impressive results with followers afterwards. Micah, in particular, appears to have found himself outside of the Plath family fold in a major way.

Micah Plath is turning into a real hunk

He may only be 18, but Plath is fast becoming a bit of a dreamboat. His Instagram is loaded with sexy shots of him posing in his underwear or smoldering for the camera. As In Touch notes, the teenager is working with agent Marsha Doll, who featured on an episode of Welcome to Plathville and is a vocal fan of all the Plath kids. The second-eldest son of Kim and Barry proved he was really becoming a man when Plath went Instagram official with his new girlfriend.

As In Touch reported at the time, Plath gushed over his gorgeous lady, and fellow blonde, Lexi Marie alongside a shot of the two looking smitten. "Life has been amazing with this girl! Can't believe God put you in my life! Love you so much!!!" he wrote, with a red heart emoji to drive the point home. Lexi is from Nashville and appears to also be close with Moriah, judging by their social media posts.

Micah Plath admits to growing up very sheltered

After sharing a shot from behind the scenes of a modeling shoot on Instagram, Plath was questioned by a curious fan about whether he felt his upbringing was sheltered. "Do you feel as though a whole new world has been opened for you? Were you and your siblings really as sheltered from the outside world as all of us perceive?" the comment inquired. The teenager responded very simply, "Definitely!!! And yeah we were extremely sheltered!"

It seems as though Plath is finding his place in the world outside of the household in which he was brought up. Fans were dying to see him spread his wings in season 2, and there have even been suggestions that he could be headed for the silver screen some day. Whatever happens, it'll clearly be on his own terms. As he wrote on Instagram, "Y'all let's hope for another season!! I have grown and matured since this last one! I'm just becoming the true Micah!"