Is Jergens Face Cream Worth It?

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We love sunshine, but painful sunburn experiences and long-term skin damage are both reasons to avoid prolonged sun exposure. You probably already know that an overlong tanning session at the beach isn't doing you any favors, but having a little color can make you feel good about yourself! That's where self-tanners come in. Anyone who's a fan of self-tanning products may have heard of Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer: a lightweight, gradual self-tanner that adds natural glow without harmful UV rays. 

But though the Jergens brand is renowned for its ability to make us look sun-kissed, self-tanning products aren't its only claim to fame. According to its website, Jergens has produced quality face and body moisturizers since 1901. These products ultimately aim to relieve dryness with their ultra-hydrating properties. Likewise, Jergens features an all-purpose cream within its product lineup. For those unfamiliar with all-purpose creams, their popularity comes as a result of their ability to simultaneously soothe, hydrate and protect skin. Jergen's version boasts 144 positive ratings on Amazon (81% of which are five-starred ratings). And at just $14, it's practically a steal — but is it worth the hype?

Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream is an affordable hidden gem

Jergen's All-Purpose Face Cream is an ultra-thick face cream that softens and moisturizes your skin, per Amazon. Though it can also be used during the day, its thicker composition makes it more of a night cream. Those with sensitive skin don't have anything to worry about, as the all-purpose face cream is intended for all skin types. $14 will score you a 15 oz. tub of the cream, per Amazon, so you get quite the bang for your buck!

Reviews on Makeup Alley report that the affordable cream goes a long way, especially in a world where skincare products are becoming more expensive. Its simple ingredients do a great job of hydrating and protecting your skin. On Amazon, one customer admitted to "using it everyday and night" and coming away with "transformed" skin. Similarly, Influenster loves the tried-and-true face cream for its cleansing and hydrating properties. Because it "provides a radiant, dewy base," it works wonderfully under makeup. Lastly, Byrdie raves about the "thick" and "rich" drugstore cream, which is perfect for people with severely dry skin. "Not only can it be used to deeply cleanse and remove your makeup at the end of the day, but it can also be used as a makeup primer or overnight moisturizing treatment," the outlet reports. In other words, Jergen's All-Purpose Face Cream is a must-have for your bathroom cabinet!