The Truth About Maude Apatow's Relationship History

Maude Apatow is paving her way in Hollywood as an actress, writer, and producer, with coveted starring roles in TV series like "Euphoria" and "Girls," and films, from "The King of Staten Island" to "Assassination Nation." With a blossoming career like hers, Apatow doesn't seem ready to settle down just yet, although fans love linking the actress to her "Euphoria" co-stars. It doesn't help that she appears on a few of her male co-stars' Instagram feeds, fueling those dating rumors. 

Apatow's very own mom and dad ("Knocked Up" actress Leslie Mann and director/producer Judd Apatow) met on the Hollywood set of "The Cable Guy." And while Maude Apatow dated a British talent manager back in 2018 (per Us Weekly), she was young, and her acting career was only beginning.

While Apatow has had a few onscreen love interests, she's remained pretty private about her romantic relationships. While speaking to Bustle in 2018, Apatow admitted her dating life as a teen was nonexistent, but didn't share any details about her current status. 

From being a target of dating rumors to enjoying an off-screen relationship, here's the truth about Apatow's dating history. 

Maude Apatow dealt with one-sided crushes as a teen

When Maude Apatow was a teen, her dating life was far from a Hollywood romantic comedy gracing the silver screen. The "Euphoria" actress confessed to Bustle in a 2018 interview that when she was in high school, she dealt with zits and had crushes on boys who didn't like her back. Apatow was the type of high schooler who was an "emotional wreck" and "stayed in all the time crying" while her friends went out, she told the outlet. 

However, that led her to find her voice on Twitter, where she shared her very much relatable high school woes. In a Twitter post from 2014, Apatow shared a funny and embarrassing moment of her day summing up her dating life, or lack thereof: "Today in rehearsal for the musical I'm in, I got an eye twitch while staring into my love interests eyes. I'm scared I offended him." 

The funny lady would later use her comic chops in TV shows like "Girls," and would go on to be linked to numerous co-stars romantically.

She became official with a British talent manager

Maude Apatow started living a romantic comedy (in the public eye) with her then-boyfriend Charlie Christie, a British talent manager. She shared a glimpse into their relationship in an interview with Us Weekly in 2018. Apatow, who was 20 at the time of the interview, told the mag that she likes collecting business cards from new restaurants. She still had the one from "one of my first dates with my boyfriend," and the spot was London's Bocca di Lupo.

Per Elite Daily, the couple started dating in April 2018, and they celebrated their first dating anniversary in an Instagram post that is no longer available. After that time, Apatow deleted photos of her and Christie from her Instagram feed. However, the talent manager still has plenty of couple pics, including one of the two staring into each other's eyes while hanging out in London and another where they appear to be eating breakfast together.

The actress was linked to her Euphoria co-star

Maude Apatow and her "Euphoria" co-star Lukas Gage have been spending a lot of off-screen time together, causing fans to ask: "Are they or aren't they?"

Gage, who also co-starred with Apatow in the film "Assassination Nation," is active on social media and has posted several photos in the past of him and Apatow, adding fire to those rumors. In the summer of 2021, he posted a photo of him and Apatow getting cozy at a restaurant. Then in early 2022, Gage took to Instagram again with a photo album of his time in New York City with Apatow in his arm in the first photo, along with another "Euphoria" star, actress Sydney Sweeney. Neither actor has confirmed or denied their romantic relationship, and so far, it's just been purely fan rumor, per Seventeen

Apatow's sister, Iris, responded to those rumors on an Instagram story, as reported by Us Weekly, saying, "I can confirm!" regarding her sister and Gage's relationship status. However, it ended up being a joke.

Then she was linked to another Euphoria star

Maude Apatow was also linked to another "Euphoria" co-star — Angus Cloud. It may be because the two actors play each other's love interests on the HBO series, though a couple of social media posts have also led fans to that conclusion as well. A Twitter post published by Cloud shows the two attending New York Fashion Week together in 2022 and wearing matching designer outfits. Cloud captioned the post: "Fexi," the TV couple name given to their "Euphoria" characters — Lexi, played by Apatow and Fez (Cloud).

According to Elle, a few days before New York Fashion Week, Cloud posted an Instagram story featuring Apatow and captioned it — "A lil NYC date," fueling romance rumors even more, though neither Apatow nor Cloud has commented on their relationship status. 

Apatow isn't the only potential lady in Cloud's life. Per Elle, the actor has also been linked to "Generation" actress Chase Sui, who appeared with Cloud in a photo spread for Interview Magazine wearing matching tartan prints. And there's also actress/model Sydney Martin, who briefly appeared in a Season 2 episode of "Euphoria." The two fueled romance rumors after photos of them cozying up together circled social media (per Elle).

Maude Apatow's love life remains a mystery

While Maude Apatow hasn't confirmed she's dating anyone as of writing (per the The Sun), fans have loved linking her to her "Euphoria" co-stars, Angus Cloud and Lukas Gage. However, Apatow has remained secretive about her love life, preferring to talk about her blossoming Hollywood career and worldly travels in interviews and social media.

When speaking to W Magazine in 2019, Apatow mainly focused on her current projects and future career goals, and said she loves writing, directing, and acting, saying, "If I could do all of them at the same time that would be cool."

On Instagram, it seems like the actress is spending lots of her free time traveling the world. In March 2022, she shared three photos of herself in Copenhagen, Denmark, drinking wine and posing along the river. Both Gage and Cloud make appearances on her Instagram — Apatow rang in 2022 with friends, including Gage, and attended New York Fashion Week in 2022 with Cloud. However, it seems like Apatow isn't entertaining those dating rumors and is enjoying her single life and booming career.