This Big Brother Winner Made A Cameo On The Bold And The Beautiful

Winning "Big Brother" could lead to all kinds of opportunities, just as is the case with Season 23 winner Xavier Prather. Prather, who was lovingly referred to as "X" by his "Big Brother" housemates, made history when he and the five other Black cast members from Season 23 formed an alliance called The Cookout (via Entertainment Weekly). The six members of the alliance vowed to protect each other at all costs to become the final members left in the "Big Brother" house and ensured that the show would see its first ever Black winner.

"It's kind of surreal. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted this season to be different from past seasons and luckily I had five other like-minded individuals in the house to help me with that goal and we accomplished it," Prather told Entertainment Weekly after his historic win. "And then I was fortunate enough to be crowned the winner. So it's incredible."

Prather ended up winning the show with a unanimous vote from his former housemates. He was named victorious after forming friendships and alliances with many members of the house, throwing competitions when it was in his favor and winning at the most important times. The Milwaukee native took home the show's largest-ever prize of $750,000, which he revealed he would use to ensure that his late brother's son was financially taken care of (via Heavy).

Meanwhile, Prather's "Big Brother" win also led him to a role on a major soap opera.

Many 'Big Brother' stars have appeared on 'B&B'

According to Soaps, CBS plucked Xavier Prather from the "Big Brother" house and placed him right in the middle of their hit soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful." Fans watched Prather make some head-turning cameos in a few episodes of the sudser, which aired in early November 2021. Prather, a lawyer, turned to acting as he took on the role of a man named James, who was revealed to be a Forrester executive.

Of course, "B&B" fans know this isn't the first time that a "Big Brother" cast member has crossed over into the world of soaps. Previously, fan-favorite "BB" contestant Rachel Reilly and her co-star Brendan Villegras have also made an appearance on the soap (via Soaps). The duo appeared as a waitress and a bartender who shared scenes with Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Kim Matula), Bill (Don Diamont), Katie (Heather Tom), and Amber (Adrienne Frantz) after making waves in the "Big Brother" house during Season 12 of the reality series. Other "Big Brother" favorites who have appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful" also include Drew Daniel in 2004 and Melissa Jaret Winokur in 2018, per Hidden Remote.

It seems that "Big Brother" has a tradition of sending contestants over to "B&B" and many fans look forward to seeing the reality stars show off their acting chops.