TikTok Is Obsessed With This $60 Zara Dress

If you're someone who often finds yourself stuck between two options when picking out something to wear, a five-minute browse through TikTok's fashion hashtag will give you much clarity. There's never a dull moment or fashion trend on the viral sharing app. Your outfit of the day is only a 60-second watch away.

TikTok's latest fashion obsession is a satin pink slip dress from clothing brand Zara. With an affordable $60 price tag, it took over everyone's feed after fashion vlogger Marina Rough showed off her purchase in an unboxing TikTok, as reported by the New York Post. Her video garnered 1.4 million views and counting, and sparked the viral ZaraPinkDress hashtag. In Rough's comments section, fitness vlogger Vanessa Tiiu pointed out that "It's giving 13 going on 30 vibes in the best way," and this sums up everything we're feeling about this miracle dress.

The dress became so popular that it sold out immediately, per Yahoo!, but lucky for us, the style is easily replicated. E! rounded up the best fashion dupes that are just as powerful as Zara's dress. Here's how you can style the original, or your replicated look. 

3 ways to style your new go-to dress

The best fashion choices are ones that fit in with any style and can be worn for every occasion. Picture this scenario: You're getting ready for a casual hangout with your friends, but you're in the mood for more than your daily uniform of a comfy hoodie and sweatpants. Trade-in your top and sweats for Zara's pink slip dress. Popsugar recommends dressing it down with sneakers for a look that is equal parts sporty and feminine. The thicker your sneakers (hello, platforms), the better.

Running out of options for date night? No problem. Throw on Zara's sleek number, and pair with dark boots for the ultimate contrast. Fashion blog Just the Design swears that the boots-dress combination exudes confidence. On March 5, 2021, Hailey Bieber joined in on the slip dress and boots trend. While walking around Paris, the model channeled the city's chic style with a vintage Gucci silk dress and wore hers with black, knee-high boots, per People.

Combat chilly nights with a knit sweater and tights, recommends InStyle, and simultaneously relive the '90s. Go forth and live out your bubblegum dreams.