The Bold And The Beautiful Relationship Timeline: Liam And Steffy

Liam and Steffy. Liam and Hope. Liam and Steffy. Liam and Hope. For years, both women seemed interchangeable in Liam Spencer's (Scott Clifton) life on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but he ultimately ended up married with children to Hope Logan (first played by Kim Matula, then Annika Noelle). 


However, he also has a child with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and no one can say if his marriage to Hope will last, considering none of his other marriages have. But, so far, Hope and Liam have been married for more than two years, as of this writing.

To be fair to this waffling character, Liam always seemed to love both women. But, since he couldn't make them into sister wives (despite them being stepsisters), he ultimately had to choose one, and Hope was able to declare herself the winner. 

But Steffy is still there with his daughter whenever Liam has a problem that he can't tell Hope. Will they end up together again someday? Let's take a look at Liam and Steffy's entire relationship timeline on "The Bold and the Beautiful."


Liam plays hero and saves Steffy's life

Liam Spencer was already engaged to Hope Logan when Steffy Forrester came into his life by surprise. Steffy had had her eyes on Liam for a while, and they were nothing more than friends. But, when Liam saved Steffy after she almost drowned in her own bathtub, she was more smitten than ever — and determined to have him for herself.


Since Hope wanted to wait to have sex until their wedding night and Steffy didn't want to wait to be with Liam at all, he slept with Steffy. Eventually, Hope caught Liam and Steffy kissing and broke things off with him.

That's when Liam decided that, if he couldn't have one stepsister, he would have the other one and proposed to Steffy. He seemed to truly have feelings for her, and, since she was madly in love with him, Steffy accepted Liam's proposal.

Liam and Steffy marry, but it doesn't last long

By the time Liam and Steffy are ready to marry on a mountaintop in Aspen, Colorado, Hope had decided she wanted Liam back. However, Steffy and Liam's dad, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), hatched a plan that would keep Hope from interrupting the wedding. 


When Liam learned he had been manipulated, he left Steffy and returned to Hope, finally marrying her in Italy. But, once Liam and Hope returned to the United States, they learned that their Italian marriage was invalid, so they decided to have a ceremony in Los Angeles so everything would be legit. 

However, Steffy was not about to let her man go and showed him a good time the night before the wedding. After a night on the town, he showed up to marry Hope with new tattoos while on the back of Steffy's motorcycle. Needless to say, Hope dumped him again, and, since Steffy was there and waiting, Liam went back to her.

Steffy ends up pregnant, and Liam waffles more

Liam's brief reunion with Steffy resulted in a pregnancy, but neither one found out about it before he went back to Hope. By the time Steffy announced her pregnancy at yet another Liam and Hope wedding attempt, Hope was done with him.


That left Liam free to marry Steffy and be there for their baby, but she then lost the baby in a motorcycle accident and was told she could not have more children. Devastated, Steffy left for Europe to emotionally recover, and, when Liam went after her, she told him to be with Hope because she could give him a family. 

By then, Hope was dating Liam's long-lost half-brother, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), and decided she would date both men at the same time to make up her mind about whom she wanted. When Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), prevented Liam from meeting Hope at a designated spot to declare his love, Hope married Wyatt and got pregnant. 

When she miscarried, she divorced Wyatt and did the same thing Steffy did: She left for Europe to emotionally recover just as Steffy returned.


Steffy wants Liam, marries Wyatt, and then marries Liam

When Steffy made her way back to the fictional version of Los Angeles on "The Bold and the Beautiful," she had fixed her fertility problem and wanted Liam back. But, by then, Wyatt wanted Steffy. So, Quinn did what Quinn does and made sure to kidnap Liam so Wyatt could have the latest girl of his dreams. 


She didn't expect Liam to wake up with amnesia. Quinn improvised and told him they were married and that his name was Adam and her name was Eve. With Liam MIA, Steffy married Wyatt, but good-guy Wyatt learned what happened to Liam and helped him regain his memories and return to Steffy.

Liam and Steffy finally married and even seemed happy together, with Liam seemingly forgetting about Hope. Too bad he accidentally kissed Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) when they thought they were going to die in a building collapse. 

When Steffy learned what happened, she was devastated and found comfort in Liam's dad, Bill. After one night with Bill, Steffy forgave Liam but learned she was pregnant.

Liam leaves a pregnant Steffy, and Hope returns

Steffy secretly had a paternity test done on her unborn baby and was relieved that Liam was the father. However, when he found the test results, she had to confess about her night with Bill, and Liam left her.


Steffy decided to be strong and go through her pregnancy alone, and both she and Liam were thrilled when she gave birth to a baby girl they named Kelly. Liam was ready to reunite with Steffy so they could be a family, but Hope returned to town and wanted Liam back.

Steffy finally had enough of Liam when she caught him and Hope kissing in a dressing room at Forrester Creations. Liam tried to win Steffy back, but, when Hope announced she was pregnant, he gave up on Steffy and married Hope.

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Hope asked Liam to meet her on Catalina Island for a babymoon weekend, but she went into labor there and was told her baby was stillborn.

Hope divorces Liam, but Steffy doesn't want him back

Hope was so devastated when she thought her baby had died that she pushed Liam out of her life and ended their marriage. By then, Steffy had adopted a second baby to give Kelly a sister close to her age to grow up with and named her Phoebe, after her late twin sister.


What nobody knew was that Phoebe was really Beth, Hope and Liam's baby. Still, even after Steffy declared Liam a father figure to "Phoebe," Steffy insisted on going it alone because she was sick of the back and forth with Liam.

Liam and Hope eventually learned the truth about Steffy's adopted baby and took her back to live with them before they remarried. Although Liam and Steffy had a one-night stand in late 2020 when he thought Hope was having an affair, Liam is back with Hope. 

Steffy is married to Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) and raising their infant son together. Still, Liam is often there to see Kelly, and, whenever he and Hope argue, Steffy is the woman he confides in. Only time will tell if these two wind up together again.