The Most Expensive Outfits Worn By Celebrity Kids

With every celebrity outing being photographed, published, and posted in near real-time, A-listers are sparing no expense these days when it comes to their children's wardrobes. Not surprisingly, several Kar-Jenners, Queen Bey's daughter, and Cardi B's toddler are all making waves when it comes to their kids' expensive outfits. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American family spent $1,434 on clothing in 2020, but that is a far cry from what wealthy actors, athletes, and influencers are willing to shell out for their own progeny. 

In addition to whatever they purchase themselves, the biggest stars regularly receive gift hauls from designers that often include merch for their offspring. This tactic undoubtedly pays dividends; if Mason Disick sports Balmain to a dinner at Nobu or Blue Ivy Carter wears Prada on the red carpet, the world will know instantly. Designers understand that these kids are the next generation of taste-makers, so getting them on board as children is obviously a great marketing strategy.

Up until several years ago, just a few of the major design houses were catering to children, but now scores of designers are trying to cash in on the lucrative market (per MPRNews). Fashion expert Sasha Charnin Morrison addressed celebrities' obsession with the "mini-me" phenomenon, saying, "They're a walking billboard of you. They're a reflection of who you are, so if you are someone highly stylized, then you want to make sure your kids are the best-dressed kids out there." 

Blue Ivy Carter's VMAs dress was worth over $10k

As the daughter of superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter regularly attends red carpet events. As such, Queen Bey often dresses her daughter like a princess. In her young life, Blue has already worn several show-stopping looks that would have actual royalty drooling — including a fabulous dress that had its own very regal name and a price tag to go along with it. 

In 2016, the year of her mom's smash hit album "Lemonade," Blue strutted to the VMAs wearing designer Mischka Aoki's "Grande Royalle" dress. Priced at a hair under $11,000, according to Harper's Bazaar, the dreamy creation was constructed with yards of champagne-colored tulle that started as a ballerina's tutu in the front and ended in a lengthy train that trailed behind Blue down the white carpet. The blinged-out gown was accentuated with a crown from Lorraine Schwartz and Giuseppe Zanotti high-top sneakers that perfectly matched the frock (per E! News). 

Mischka Aoki touts itself as the "only true haute couture house for children," and caters to the youngsters of celebrities and royalty all over the world. Years after Blue's appearance in it, versions of this dress are still available on the designer's website. Since then, of course, the price has increased. Buyers of the tulle confection will now have to pay between $11,722 and $15,290. For those on a somewhat tighter budget, similar versions can be found at for $3,397. 

Kulture has a custom Birkin Bag

Despite not having a need to stash a wallet, cell phone, or car keys, Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, has already been gifted with more than one Hermès Birkin bag, including a customized one that cost $48,000, according to Page Six. The purchase came about after the toddler saw a bag at Claire's with a rainbow design that she wanted. Rather than buying the (much, much) cheaper version, Cardi reached out to Michelle Berk of Privé Porter to create a one-of-a-kind interpretation using a yellow Birkin Bag as the base. "Cardi B asked me to recreate a rainbow bag design she saw at Claire's, but make it high fashion, for Kulture's 3rd birthday," Berk shared with The U.S. Sun. Six weeks, 100 hours of labor, and 30,000 Swarovski crystals later, Kulture received the vibrantly bedazzled final product.

Cardi defends showering her daughter with luxury brands. When commenters suggested that 3-year-olds are satisfied with much simpler items, the rap star took to Instagram to clap back. The Sun reported on her rant, during which she insisted, "Yes, they just care about toys and candy but the thing is kids go outside, kids go to restaurants, kids go to fancy places, some celebrity kids do red carpets, and if I'm fly and daddy's fly, then so is the kid!"

The $217 yellow outfit that Kulture is wearing as she modeled her purse on Instagram seems hardly worth mentioning at this point, but altogether, the look is definitely one of the most expensive outfits worn by celebrity kids.

Mathilde Pinault wears head-to-toe Balenciaga

When one resembles a runway model, has a billionaire father who owns some of the world's biggest design houses, and has a stepmom who is an A-list movie star, the world of high fashion is surely your oyster. For Mathilde Pinault, all of these things are true. The statuesque beauty's father, François-Henri Pinault, owns Kering (whose portfolio includes ownership of Gucci, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen), and stepmom Salma Hayek is considered by many to be a bit of a fashion icon herself.

However, Pinault is primarily concerned with school and horseback riding. That said, she attended March 2022 Balenciaga show with her half-sister, Valentina, and Hayek in grand style. The threesome showed up to the spectacle, which shared its message about climate change by occurring inside of a giant snow globe, clad head to toe in Balenciaga (via PopSugar). Pinault, who probably could have walked the runway herself had she been inclined, wore an iconic look from the designer featuring a denim jacket that likely cost over $1,000 (similar pieces go for $1,350), and a $1,790 XX small flap embossed crocodile handbag. 

When asked by Vanity Fair if fashion appealed to her, Pinault answered, "Of course. And not just the clothes, but also the objects: fashion draws me its range of action on culture and society. I am interested, for example, in what is happening to a brand like Balenciaga, in its catalytic power. But what matters most to me is change."

Harper Beckham hit the slopes in style in 2022

When you are the youngest of four children and the only daughter of extremely wealthy parents, you might be in right circumstances to be spoiled — at least when it comes to your wardrobe — and that seems to be the exact position that young Harper Beckham finds herself currently enjoying. Harper, whose parents are former soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, was born three years after Victoria started her eponymous clothing brand, so she's grown up in the world of high fashion. 

For this family, expensive clothing is par for the course — no matter the activity. The father of four took his two youngest on a ski vacation in February 2022, and Harper hit the slopes in a ski jacket that cost more than most people would budget for the entire trip, as noted by Page Six. Beckham shared some pics of the outing that featured his daughter in a Bogner down ski jacket that was made for "top performance on the slopes." At a cost of $1,900, let's hope so. 

Despite the fact that she often wears luxury brands, Harper is generally dressed in what most would consider very appropriate attire for a child. Though Beckham has tailored the occasional runway look to fit her daughter, she enjoys outfits that range from cheerful Chloé dresses to sports jerseys. With two fashion icons as her examples, Harper is undoubtedly on the way to becoming one herself.

True Thompson is already a seasoned fashionista

It has been well established that celebrities and professional athletes often spend incomprehensible amounts of money on their kids' clothing and accessories. With Khloé Kardashian for a mom, True Thompson, whose dad is sports star Tristan Thompson, has a closet full of lavish clothing. All of the women of reality television's royal family dress their children in the most expensive brands, and, as such, True is definitely keeping up with all of her Kardashian counterparts. 

In early 2022, Khloé Kardashian posted a picture of True with a $4,195 Judith Leiber Strawberry Sprinkles Donut handbag that broke the Internet, though some speculated that she had borrowed it from cousin North West, who had shown a similar one in a social media post a couple months prior (per Page Six).

In late February, True did an impromptu modeling session for her mom's Instagram, showing off a KhrisJoy tie dye puffer jacket that cost $700 and a Prada handbag that cost $1,000 (per The U.S. Sun). The Moschino lace-up bear shoes True is wearing originally cost $316.

Perhaps the only people who can really keep up with the Kardashians is themselves. 

Jaden Smith blazes his own trail when it comes to fashion

Jaden Smith, son of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has made headlines over the years for all kinds of things. Whether it's his interesting Twitter feed, the vegan diet that caused troubling weight loss (per People), or the creation of his own fashion line, Jaden clearly has an opinion on just about everything. Having starred in a women's wear campaign for Louis Vuitton (per Page Six), he's demonstrated that he's not only interested in developing his own ideas about fashion, but that he's absolutely willing to push style boundaries. Prone to crop tops, suits that feature feminine styled skirting, and the occasional handbag, Jaden is at the forefront of smashing gender-based stereotypes when it comes to fashion. 

One of the more exquisite (and expensive) items Jaden has worn in recent years is a Gucci leather bomber jacket emblazoned with bright red florals, stars, and winged cherubs. Donned for a Young Hollywood event (via GQ), he paired the show-stopper with black jeans, allowing the jacket to take center stage. Coming in at around $13,000, according to Perez Hilton, this piece offers its wearer the opportunity to become a walking objet d'art and surely makes for one of the most expensive outfits worn by celebrity kids. And for someone who once told GQ, "I'm just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because every day it changes how I feel about the world and myself," Jaden knows exactly what he's doing.

North West was born to be a style icon

Any article featuring the wardrobes of celebrity children would be incomplete without a section dedicated to Kim Kardashian's eldest daughter. With Kardashian and Kanye "Ye" West as parents, North West seemingly had no choice but to become a fashion icon. North, who has been sitting in the front rows of designer runway shows (clad in custom designer couture) since she was a baby, was famous for her mid-show meltdowns back in the day. Generally perched on Kardashian's lap when her mood tanked, the tot would make it clear when she'd had enough — even if none other than Vogue's Anna Wintour was sitting right next to her (via the Daily Mail).

Temper tantrums aside, designers have scrambled to create outfits for North to wear to their shows, because, not only will the coordinating mom-daughter looks remain online until the end of time, but Kardashian's receipt of the clothing is often reciprocated by a very public "thank you" that goes out to her staggering 292 million Instagram followers (per MTV News). 

One of the more sophisticated outfits North ever wore to attend a fashion show was a black dress and jacket made by Alexander Wang. Likely costing around $1,200, according to E! News, the 2015 look consisted of black tights, a black dress, and a black patent leather jacket. Pearls adorned the outfit at the neck, hemline, and ankles. 

Stormi is keeping up with the Kardashians

With make-up mogul mom Kylie Jenner reportedly worth $700 million, daughter Stormi Webster obviously has an incredible closet. Whether she's carrying her $12,000 Hermès backpack for her first day of home schooling (aka modeling the expensive item in the driveway) or wearing an exact recreation of her mom's Met Gala gown (replete with matching lilac-colored wig), Stormi is undoubtedly a fashion plate. The tot, who has already modeled in her mom's Kylie Baby campaign, has apparently been curating her expensive taste from day one. In an Instagram post from 2019, Jenner shared a video of her little one carrying a pink Birkin bag.   

Though Jenner often twins with her daughter in custom-made bespoke creations, sometimes she's able to purchase them right off the rack — just like the rest of us. Well, sort of. In December 2020, the influencer took to Instagram to share a candid shot of her toddler in something that is available to everyone — a $950 Burberry puffer jacket. Stormi looked ready to take on the cold weather in the shiny black coat that she paired with some adorable tiny black boots. Jenner captioned the post, "My snow baby."

Considering Stormi's mom is willing to spend money on a custom private jet reportedly worth nearly $73 million (per Hello!), it's safe to assume that her foray into fashion is only just beginning. 

Penelope Disick wore Gucci for a Christmas Eve photo shoot

Not to be outdone by her cousins, Kourtney Kardashian's daughter, Penelope Disick, indulged in a Christmas Eve photo shoot with her mom, and the twosome snapped several shots while posing in a mirror together. The eldest Kardashian daughter's pre-teen opted to showcase some classic Gucci in their Instagram carousel. No stranger to the top labels, Penelope managed to look both sophisticated and age-appropriate in her outfit. The most striking (and expensive) component of an otherwise fairly casual ensemble is the tiny trench coat she wears effortlessly.

Made from the highly recognizable double "G" monogram print that is synonymous with the brand, the trench coat is simply a smaller version of what an adult would wear. The price tag, however, boggles the mind. At $1,787 (per Page Six), the classic piece is something that might be passed down for several generations — if one's siblings and younger cousins didn't have immediate access to every upcoming collection for the foreseeable future. In Penelope's case, it might just end up in the resale pile.

Zahara Jolie-Pitt wore her mom's old Oscar gown

When Angelina Jolie stepped onto the red carpet for the "Eternals" premiere, she was joined by five of her six children. The entire crew wore neutrals, including eldest daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, who was dressed in the same color palette, albeit with a few more sparkles than everyone else. In fact, Zahara actually recycled an Elie Saab dress her mom wore to the Oscars in 2014. "Zahara is the real fashionista in the family," an insider told Life & Style. According to the source, sister Shiloh, who used to be more of a tomboy, really relies on Zahara's expertise when it comes to making her own fashion decisions. 

Jolie loved that Zahara gave the dress new life. In fact, the star encourages her children to borrow whatever they want from her closet. "I'm like, 'Oh my god, wear it and wear it better than me! Take it, it's your turn," Jolie told E! News' Daily Pop

According to Refinery29, an Elie Saab couture gown costs between $12,000 and $300,000. With price tags like that, Jolie's enthusiasm for her kids re-wearing her clothes makes sense! Though, those costs might seem like a drop in the bucket for the actress, as Angelina Jolie has a truly impressive net worth.