The Chicago Fire Episode You Forgot Robert Newman From Guiding Light Starred In

Robert Newman is a veteran of the small screen, having enjoyed recurring roles in "NCIS," "Santa Barbara" and "Venice the Series" over the years, to name just a few. Movie-wise, Newman notably popped up in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." However, his breakout moment undoubtedly came with "Guiding Light," the hit soap opera in which Newman played Josh Lewis. More recently, the actor became known more generally to soap fans upon taking over as Ashland Locke in "The Young and the Restless." 

Soap Opera Digest confirmed Newman's casting just a few days after Richard Burgi's departure was announced. The actor had played the role for around a year, but was forced to exit the show after "inadvertently" violating their strict COVID-19 protocols. Burgi shared the news on his Instagram Stories, per People, reassuring fans of "The Young and the Restless" that there were no hard feelings whatsoever. Newman, meanwhile, thanked Facebook followers for their support following news of his casting. 

The actor may have been working consistently for a long time, but he still appreciates every role that comes his way, admitting to being "scared to death" about taking on Ashland. Years prior, the soap star appeared in "Chicago Fire." And, although it was a considerably smaller role, Newman was just as excited to take it on. 

Robert Newman enjoyed his brief appearance on the hit show

According to IMDb, Robert Newman played Chief Burwell in a Season 4 episode of "Chicago Fire" entitled "Bad for the Soul." The synopsis gives nothing away about his character, noting simply, "Severide and Cruz take matters into their own hands when Firehouse 51 responds to a suspicious call from a neighboring firehouse." The episode also served as an introduction of sorts for Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), who has since become a fan favorite, going on to appear in over 100 episodes. 

Newman took to Facebook to share the happy news of his casting on the hit show, writing, "Wow...those folks at 'Chicago Fire' work quick!" alongside a promotional shot of the crew. Referring to his character, Newman shared, "Just one, quick scene for me, but a nice one. And again...Eamonn Walker [Wallace Boden]...couldn't be a nicer guy to work with." Fans were thrilled to see the actor joining one of their favorite shows, albeit briefly, with one even hoping Newman might even become a series regular. 

He hasn't as of yet, but no matter since Newman is busy playing an integral role on "The Young and the Restless." In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Newman discussed his decision not to study any of Richard Burgi's previous work, arguing, "I would prefer not to watch another actor play the role. I just think I need to figure this guy out in my body and my voice and my countenance."