The Truth About Netflix's Young, Famous & African

Netflix may have started as a movie rental service, but, over the years, the streamer has produced some hugely successful reality TV shows. After all, it gave us the iconic "Selling Sunset" and the highly addictive "Love is Blind."

Now, fans are gearing up for the streamer's latest reality series, "Young, Famous & African," set to premiere on March 18, 2022. When Netflix announced the launch of its first African reality show, fans were instantly intrigued, and the excitement only grew with the release of the official trailer on Feb. 14, 2022. 

Attractive young adults living the life of luxury has been a successful reality series formula for years now, but throw in the twist of the show being set in South Africa, and you've got something viewers have never seen before.

"Young, Famous & African" seems destined to become Netflix's next hit reality show. Here's what you can expect.

Young, Famous & African promises to shift the narrative

Netflix sums describes "Young, Famous & African" as a "glitzy reality series [that] follows a group of young, affluent, and famous media personalities from across the continent who come together in Joburg on a quest to make new connections, find love, and possibly rekindle old flames." 

But, if the trailer has proven anything, it's that the show is much more than just that. The seven-episode series is set in Johannesburg and promises to give an inside look at the luxurious lives of the country's elite — and all the drama that comes with it

Peace Hyde, the show's co-creator and executive producer, talked about the project with AfricaNews

"This has been a labour (sic) of love that has finally become a reality," she said. "Growing up in the U.K, there were no glitzy and sexy images of Africa; all we saw were the stereotypical images that have been propelled in the media for years. 'Young, Famous & African' presents an Africa that is vibrant, beautiful, glossy, and sexy to the world."

In her Instagram post announcing the show's arrival, Hyde also shared an important observation about the show's unique approach.

"I am truly proud to utilise (sic) the genre of Unscripted Reality TV to not only bring entertainment to global audiences but also change the perspective of Africa being a land of struggle and hustle that has been portrayed for years in the media," she wrote. "Proud of the entire incredible village that helped to bring this labour (sic) of love to the world." 

Who are the young, famous Africans?

When it comes to launching a reality show that explores a group of people who aren't globally recognized, it can be tricky, but it can also be a great opportunity to propel them into the public eye. Netflix's "Bling Empire" introduced viewers to an entire group of influential Asians they grew to love (or love to hate). 

Peace Hyde took the job of selecting the cast of "Young, Famous & African" very seriously, as she shared with AfricaNews.

"We selected a group of connected high profile friends who are Pan African and building their brands in South Africa. Our casts come from West Africa, East Africa, and South Africa," she said. "Each cast member is relevant because of their profile and the work they have done in the media. Our selection criteria were mainly focused on the industry our casts occupied and also their interrelationships with each other."

Collider revealed a detailed look at the cast of the new reality show, which includes actress Khanyi Mbau, stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo (aka Swanky Jerry), musician Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack (aka Diamond Platnumz), TV personality Andile Ncube, businesswoman Zari Hassan (aka Zari the Boss Lady), musician Innocent Idibia (aka 2Baba), actress and model Annie Macauley-Idibia, rapper Nadia Nakai, and "Naked DJ" Quinton Masina.

How much drama can you expect?

With any reality TV show, fans expect drama, drama, and more drama. Clashes and feuds are even more likely when it comes to the lives of the rich and famous.

"Young, Famous & African" definitely promises to live up to that. With so much talent in one place, you can expect a lot of ego. In addition to featuring lavish cars, flowing champagne, and blingy jewelry, the official trailer on YouTube included multiple cheating allegations and even someone going after their friend's ex. The ladies clash over fine dining, and the men get loud.

Collider gave an inside scoop on some of the tea to be expected. Zari Hassan's relationship with ex-husband Diamond Platnumz promises to pack plenty of drama considering that their breakup made headlines when he cheated on her — and wasn't shy about sharing it with the world.

Meanwhile, Annie Macaulay-Idibia seems to struggle with constantly being labeled the wife of 2Baba rather than being recognized for her own work.  

All in all, when it comes to "Young, Famous & African," the trailer probably says it best: "Come for the glamor, stay for the drama."