How The Mar 18 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

The stars might not be able to tell you your future, but looking to the sky can help you understand yourself better. Just like your emotions shift, so do the planets. In fact, there's a strong correlation between the two. For all you Geminis out there with your passionate traits, the March 18 full moon, known as the Worm Moon, is proof of that. There's a good chance that you're dealing with some strong emotions around this date, but it turns out that the remedy is simpler than you might think.

Okay, let's back up a step. The March 18 full moon is a special one. It's the Worm Moon, which represents beetles coming out of their wood for spring (via Almanac). Basically, it's a fancy name given to the last full moon of winter. Spring is near, my friend. What's even more important to note is that this full moon is in Virgo

Because Virgo's zodiac element is earth, air signs like Gemini may feel some pressure right now. It's time for Geminis to ground down to make it through this lunar event. While that's not always their second nature, it will definitely have a big payout. Here's everything a Gemini needs to know to make it through winter's final full moon.

This full moon will affect Geminis' close circles

If you're a Gemini, there's a good chance that your close circle is getting a shake-up lately. Maybe you're having a fight with your sibling or had a revelation about a new home. That's where the Worm Moon comes in. According to StyleCaster, the full moon in Virgo will affect "your fourth house of home and family." This means that there could be a change in your close circle of friends, immediate family, or your home. Ground down and meditate on these changes and experiences, and know that it's for the best.

Virgos are the queens of organization. They're all about being orderly and getting rid of what they don't need in your life, in all regards. Because the Worm Moon affects your "fourth house of home and family," Bustle suggests doing a bit of deep cleaning, both literally and metaphorically. What things are serving you, and what aren't? Which people are serving you, and which aren't? The outlet ultimately states that doing this will give you a clear head to focus on your goals and dreams. 

According to Today, a Gemini should ground themselves during this time by cuddling up with a good book, meditating, or journaling. All of these things might be out of the normal for the on-the-go Gemini bouncing from place to place, but it will definitely pay off for you in the long run. In true Virgo form, it's time to set goals and make a plan to get there. After all, every air sign could use some grounding every now and then.