The Bold And The Beautiful Relationship Timeline: Bill And Katie

While there has always been love between Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Katie Logan (Heather Tom), there has also been a penchant for self-destruction, both in their individual lives and their relationship. 

In 2022, the pair remains in limbo as Bill has spent more than a year begging Katie to return to him and Katie has spent more than a year trying to decide if Bill is worth it and if he's changed. After all, his roving eye — especially toward her sister, Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) — is what split them up to begin with.

Bill and Katie were an unlikely pair that nobody ever expected would get together. But, when they did, the romance was there, and so were so many other outside forces that it's a miracle they ever made it down the aisle and managed to stay married for more than a hot minute. 

Take a look back at the relationship timeline of one of the most tortured pairs on "The Bold and the Beautiful" — whose love story may or may not be over.

Katie's life blows up, and then she meets Bill

Of the three original Logan sisters who were part of "The Bold and the Beautiful" cast when the soap first premiered 35 years ago, the youngest sister, Katie (originally played by Nancy Sloane), was the one who couldn't seem to find a guy. She found herself living in and out of Los Angeles as the sister whom fans and other characters barely paid attention to for the first two decades that "B&B" was on the air. 

Then, Heather Tom started playing Katie in 2007, and her life became dramatic, to say the least. She was shot, needed a heart transplant, and miscarried Nick Marone's (Jack Wagner) baby. 

Then, when she was finally physically healthy, she drowned her sorrows in alcohol and met Bill Spencer Jr., the previously unheard-of son of Bill Spencer Sr. and heir to Spencer Publications. Known as quite the playboy, Bill was surprisingly sweet to Katie and wanted to give her the world.

Bill and Katie play business moguls and get married

When Bill managed to get Forrester Creations away from the Forrester family and into his own company's hands, he installed Katie as CEO, and they fell in love while working together. 

The pair soon married in a beautiful ceremony at her childhood home, but the fact that Bill now owned Forrester didn't sit too well with young Steffy Forrester. She managed to seduce Bill and steal Katie's wedding ring off her dresser so she could blackmail him into giving her family back its company.

After a bit of back and forth, the Forresters finally got their fashion design business back, and Katie became pregnant. Bill worried for his wife because of her heart transplant and wondered if the pregnancy would be dangerous. They finally decided to go through with it, but, instead of the birth of their son giving them joy, misery soon arrived.

Katie suffers, and Bill cheats again

Poor Katie nearly died after giving birth to son Will (Finnegan George) and then suffered from severe postpartum depression, which led her to make some irrational choices. One was pushing Bill to be with her sister, Brooke, so that Will would have a mother in case anything happened to her. 

When Katie got treatment for her depression, she realized the error of her ways, but it was too late. Bill and Brooke had developed true feelings for each other, and, one day, she caught them in bed together. That prompted Katie to leave Bill and drown her sorrows in alcohol once more.

Eventually, Katie took Bill back, but she couldn't get him and Brooke out of her mind, which drove her to drink even more and lash out at those around her. After she finally decided to get her life together, she divorced Bill; bought a house for herself; and began a fun affair with Bill's son, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). 

Bill and Brooke even married, but that didn't last long — and neither did Katie's fling with Wyatt.

Katie marries and divorces Thorne, and Bill wants her back

On a whim, Katie married Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher), and, together, they fought Bill for sole custody of Will. After Katie won, she realized she made a mistake when she discovered that her son missed his father and that Ridge Forrester had bribed the judge on her behalf. 

Katie then decided they would have shared custody of their son. Bill was happy, but Thorne was not, so he and Katie divorced. 

Bill then decided he wanted Katie back, but she worried he would cheat again, so she had his former flame, Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards), try to seduce him. When he resisted, Katie decided that they should reunite, but then Bill was caught kissing Brooke, and Katie broke things off once again.

The last we saw of Bill and Katie, he promised he had turned over a new leaf, and Katie desperately wanted to believe him and be a family with Will. But Bill's history as a husband kept getting in the way of Katie taking him back.