Days Of Our Lives Relationship Timeline: Jennifer And Jack

It didn't take long for "Days of Our Lives" viewers to fall in love with the pairing of Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves). Viewers of the NBC soap opera know that the couple has had their share of drama, and their relationship has been anything but easy over the years (via Nine). In fact, the "DOOL" super couple has endured more heartache than many other soap opera duos. Jennifer's life has been defined by her love for Jack, and all of the times that she believed that she lost the love of her life.

However, through it all, the pair have stood by each other's sides and figured out how to make things work, even when life tried to rip them apart and throw them unimaginable curveballs. The pair have dealt with issues like death, infidelity, medical crisis, amnesia, and more over the years, per Soaps in Depth. Yet, they continue to fight and claw their way back to each other, which makes their love story one for the books.

A fake marriage led to real love for Jack and Jennifer

Jennifer Horton first met Jack Deveraux back in 1989 when Jack purchased the local newspaper, The Salem Spectator. "Days of Our Lives" watched Jack, then a politician, attempt to stop the paper from running negative stories about him. At the time, Jen was working as an intern at the paper and worked directly under Jack. It quickly became clear that they were going to challenge each other like no one else ever had (via TV Fanatic).

It appeared to be Jennifer's heart that attracted Jack, and when Jen met a pregnant woman named Sally who had intentionally been thrown in jail so she had a place to stay, Jennifer wanted to help, per Soap Hub. She became determined to adopt Sally's baby, and Jack offered to marry Jennifer so that she had a better chance of being given custody of the little one. Jennifer was unsure of his plan, but Jack had hoped that their fake marriage would lead to a real love connection. Jack eventually found a way to get the baby into Jennifer's arms, and she began to fall hard for him. Sadly, the little girl's grandparents came to take custody of her and left both Jack and Jen devastated.

Jennifer and Jack had a long road to marriage

Jack and Jennifer's romance didn't come easy. Even though they were in love, the couple just couldn't make it last. Jack's devious father, Harper Deveraux, threatened to kill Jen, which led to Jack breaking her heart and even firing her from the Spectator, per TV Fanatic. Later, Jennifer left Salem and headed to New York to visit her friend Carly Manning. There, she met Lawrence Alamain, who kidnapped Jennifer and forced her to marry him and later sexually assaulted her (via Soaps in Depth). When Jack and Jennifer eventually got back together, Jennifer was so ashamed of what happened she refused to confide in Jack. 

Jack and Jennifer got engaged, but Jennifer's trauma caused a wedge, and the couple eventually called off their engagement. Jennifer then got close to Frankie Brady, who eventually convinced her to come clean with Jack. However, by that time Jack has married Eve Donovan so that she would give him the money to stop Lawrence from buying the Spectator. Julie Williams later bought the newspaper, which allowed Jack to annul his marriage to Eve and return to Jennifer.

Jack and Jennifer finally got married, and headed out on their honeymoon, where they conceived their oldest child, daughter Abigail.

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Jack and Jennifer went on the run

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Jack and Jennifer settle into married life, but after Abigail was born everything changed. The little girl was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which was caused by toxic waste that Jack's father's company had dumped into the water supply. Jack felt so guilty about the situation that he left Salem (via TV Fanatic).

After Jack left town, Jennifer moved on with Peter Blake. The two were married, but when Jack realized that Peter wanted to kidnap both Jen and Abigail, he stepped in. Peter went missing and Jack was eventually arrested for his murder. Jennifer helped Jack escape from prison and the family went on the run, hiding in a traveling circus. Peter eventually found them, and he and Jack had it out. Jack's name was cleared and it was Peter who ended up in jail, per Soaps in Depth.

The family later moved to Africa, where Jack and Jen split again. She then took Abigail to Ireland, and later headed home to Salem, where she and Jack came face to face, eventually reuniting. The couple remarried, and Jen got pregnant with their second child. When Jack was presumed dead, having been killed by the Salem Stalker, Jennifer got bad news that her unborn child may have serious problems. However, she refused to terminate the pregnancy and let go of the last piece of Jack.

Jack's death rocked Jennifer

"Days of Our Lives" viewers were shocked to eventually find out that Jack Deveraux and the rest of the Salem Stalker's victims were actually still alive and being held on a remote island. Jack and Jen reunited and welcomed their son, Jack Patrick Jr., whom they called JJ. Once the couple's family was whole the pair left for London with their youngest son. In 2010, Jennifer returned to Salem for the funeral of her grandmother, Alice Horton. She also came back the following year for a storyline with her best friend and cousin, Hope Brady. While in Salem, Jen discovered an organ trafficking scam and found her life in jeopardy when her heart was removed from her body. Thankfully, Dr. Daniel Jonas was there to save her life, per Soaps in Depth.

During this time, Jack and Jennifer were separated again, and after finalizing her divorce from her longtime love, Jennifer moved on to Daniel. When Jack returned to Salem, he revealed that he had been held prisoner in Afghanistan and Jennifer was caught between the two men. Daniel ultimately stepped back and Jack and Jen were together again, per TV Fanatic. Just as the couple were getting back together, Jack tragically died when he saved their daughter, Abigail, from an elevator collapse following an explosion.

Tragedy strook again for Jack and Jen

Jennifer's life was in turmoil without Jack. She was dealing with Abigail's mental health issues and seeing her committed to a mental institution. Jennifer's mental health was also in a bad state and she started using drugs to escape the pain. Jennifer became addicted, and when the family was putting together the pieces of their lives the unthinkable happened — Jack returned from the dead (via TV Fanatic).

Jack showed up on New Year's Eve with amnesia. It was later revealed that he was one of the people brought back to life by Dr. Rolf's resurrection serum. However, he remembered nothing of his life with Jennifer. Instead, he was involved with Eve Donovan. Eventually, Dr. Rolf gave his memory serum to Jack, who remembered his history with Jen. He dumped Eve and immediately asked Jennifer to marry him. The couple had a double wedding with Adrienne and Justin, but Jennifer was injured later that day and spent the next year in a coma, per Soaps in Depth. When she woke up, she was devastated to learn that things had changed greatly. The couple later dealt with the fact that Jack had cheated on her with Kate Roberts, and that he had a long-lost daughter named Gwen.

Eventually, the pair mended fences again and moved to Boston to run a small newspaper together.

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