The Best Places To Get A Cheap Hair Cut Ranked

Many tried at-home TikTok haircutting trends during quarantine — ranging from cute fringe cuts, per Allure, to the ponytail upside-down move — with mixed results. But for those who have a lot of haircut anxiety, even an at-home trim is a bridge too far. Still, salon-priced haircuts can add a challenging expense to any budget. So is there a way to get a cheap cut that still looks good?

Byrdie broke down all the incidental costs salons run into, which can be a helpful metric for understanding your cut price. And if you aren't picky about ambience, expensive treatments, and styling tools, you might have more flexibility when choosing your salon. But, of course, your pick also depends on what you expect from your overall experience; if you want a luxurious aromatic wash and a cup of tea, you might not be headed to a salon chain, even if they could give you a similar look.

But if you're going for a simple, low-maintenance trim — or trying to get in and out of the salon in under 45 minutes — you might go somewhere that books shorter sessions at a lower price point. In this case, salon franchises are a viable option for a cut without all the bells and whistles, and this list uses salon reviews and rankings, pricing, and overall experience to rank your options.

5. See a stylist in training

If you're looking for an intricate style, you may want to be in the hands of an experienced stylist, making a salon chain a better fit for your needs. But opting for a trim at a nearby beauty school could be a significant money saver, and stylists in training are often extra meticulous when giving cuts (via The Penny Hoarder). Typically, you can search the internet for schools near you — or search via the Salon Apprentice website and sign up as a volunteer hair model. Then you'll call and book an appointment, specifying that you'd like a beginning-level stylist. 

One drawback of the beauty school route is that the cut may take a bit longer than your typical salon visit — the student will likely meet with their supervisor beforehand and throughout the session, and the supervisor will typically make final adjustments to your new cut. Still, you'll be getting a professional cut for minimal cost, plus helping the stylists of tomorrow reach their full potential.

4. Cost Cutters

Franchise Chatter's list of 2022's Best Salon and Beauty Franchises placed Cost Cutters in the middle of the pack of 25 as a reliable, lesser-known salon brand. Still, it's been around since 1982 and is part of the same franchise group as Supercuts, boasting more than 700 locations across the U.S. 

Though Cost Cutters doesn't accept appointments or have an online queue feature like other salons on this list, it has a super accessible website that allows you to find the nearest location quickly. They also offer tips and tricks for getting your best hair with an advice section and describe the products they use so you can evaluate the fit before you set foot in the salon. 

3. Sport Clips

Sport Clips rises to the top three in a range of salon rankings. The chain has received special praise for setting a higher experience standard for salons geared toward male clientele (though they serve anyone at their 1,800 locations). And one of Sport Clips' main attractions is that it provides regular cuts as well as MVP packages, which can include scalp and shoulder massages and steamed towel treatments.

Their website also has a handy timesaving tool for previewing open appointments and wait times, so you can check in early or opt to receive a reminder 15 minutes before your appointment. Though cuts can be more expensive than other franchises on this list, the no-frills Sport Clips haircut is typically under $20, and you'll get an automatic upgrade to your location's MVP package on your first visit.

2. Supercuts

Then, there's Supercuts, the oldest franchise of the bunch, a basic hair cut here will cost you between $15 to $19. For add-ons, like the Supercut II or III, the price increases slightly, but it's easy to opt-out of these additional services. 

What really sets Supercuts apart is that, per You Probably Need a Haircut, every cut includes a hot towel and tea tree treatment, giving even its basic package an edge over. Supercuts also has an advantage over Sport Clips because its locations offer color and wax treatments in addition to their hair cuts.

1. Great Clips

Topping our list is Great Clips. Though Great Clips doesn't offer extra services like coloring or other spa treatments, their low upkeep and supply costs keep their haircuts super affordable. 

Their cuts are typically just $15, or $19 with a shampoo, but you can also get$2 off a cut just for signing up for emails on their website. 

It's their customer service, though, that really sets them over the top. Great Clips has an app with industry-leading features, including a notes section for stylists to communicate about clients' needs across salon locations, a wait time tracking system, and automated messages when it's time for your cut. This makes them not only cheap but convenient, making them our top pick for a place to get a cheap haircut.