Judge Makes A Massive Decision Regarding Amanda Bynes' Future

Britney Spears' conservatorship garnered so much support over the last year especially that her fans played a role in having it come to an end (via Page Six). Spears gave credit to her fans for their support and help during her fight to end her conservatorship, and it was clear that public attention played a major role in giving her back her personal and financial freedom. After her conservatorship ended, fans shifted their focus to another star who had been dealing with the same suppression for nearly a decade.


Amanda Bynes, made famous for her roles on "All That" and "The Amanda Show," was one of Nickelodeon's biggest stars in the early 2000s (via My Journal). After suffering from mental health disorders and addiction, her public display of their symptoms led to her being issued a conservatorship similar to the one Spears endured. However, Bynes has proven that she doesn't need the conservatorship akin to Spears, too. 

Inspired by Spears' successful battle in court, Bynes followed in her footsteps, and now she's received a major ruling regarding her conservatorship.

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Bynes will now experience freedom

In February, Amanda Bynes petitioned to have an end put to her nearly decade-long conservatorship (via People). The primary difference between Bynes and Spears when it comes to the fight to end their conservatorships is that one had the support of their family, and the other didn't. Bynes was lucky to have her family standing behind her. "The parents are happy, thrilled to get this good news," Bynes' attorney said of a recent announcement about her case. "The professionals say she is ready to make her own life choices and decisions, and are so proud of her."


Now, Bynes' conservatorship has officially come to a close (via Variety). It was expected for the judge in the case to terminate the conservatorship, which fortunately was the case. "We're all excited and we're all anxiously looking forward to Amanda living a life as a private and normal citizen," Bynes' attorney said after the conservatorship's dissolution. 

Bynes has big plans for her new life of freedom. The former actress is both engaged and pursuing an education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Whether she returns back to the public eye in a big way or not, we can't wait to see how she lives in her post-conservatorship life.