The Stunning Transformation Of Lady Amelia Windsor

When fans and foes alike think of the royal family, it's often those closest to the crown that come to mind. Of course, the obvious figure to consider first and foremost is Queen Elizabeth, but her popularity is closely followed by Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Princess Anne (Prince Charles, the immediate heir, only has a 45% approval rating, if you can believe it). Things get a little bit more complicated for the non-royal experts among us when we start to consider royal children, cousins, and those who married into the family, and don't even get us started on the line of succession (that's a beast in and of itself).

While the realities of the royal family's breadth are quite complex, our attention has fallen onto one such family member who has carved a place for herself in high society without much reliance on her title: Lady Amelia Windsor. Age 26 as of publication, she is taking the world by storm with her relatability, fashion expertise, stunning looks, and dedication to philanthropy. While she stayed largely out of the spotlight as a child, she's certainly grabbed the curiosity of royal spectators. Here's the stunning transformation of Lady Amelia Windsor.

Here's where she falls in line to the throne

If you're not super familiar with Lady Amelia Windsor, don't feel bad. She hasn't had the same glaring spotlight on her life like Prince Harry or even Zara Tindall, as her proximity to the crown is far less severe. So who is she exactly, and where does she fall in the royal line of succession? We're here to break it all down.

Amelia is the child of George Windsor, who holds the title of the Earl of St. Andrews. His grandfather, the Duke of Kent, is Queen Elizabeth's first cousin, per The Sun. Still with us? Basically, Amelia is two familial circles removed from the queen, and she is Harry and Prince William's third cousin (we know it's confusing, but try to hang on the best you can). She has two older siblings, Lady Marina Windsor and Edward Windsor, both of whom put her even lower on the line of succession. We had to do some serious Googling for this one, but as it stands, Amelia is 43rd in line for the British throne, per Britroyals. This, of course, is subject to change with time.

The royal had a very normal upbringing outside of the public eye

As Lady Amelia Windsor didn't have the eagle-eyed press following her as a kid, there isn't as much known about her early childhood. But in an interview with W Magazine, the royal by birth did reveal some insight into her early years at home, and her upbringing sounds rather idyllic. Amelia spent most of her childhood in Cambridge, located just outside of London. Her mom worked at the city's prestigious university as a professor, giving reason to the family's locale. Amelia grew up, as aforementioned, with two older siblings, with whom she shares a very special bond (she even has a tattoo of three bear cubs in their honor).

Of her upbringing, Amelia told W Magazine that she went to a normal day school, had "a lovely group of friends" (unlike many of the more high profile royals), and spent a large portion of her days outside. "Everyone cycled everywhere, and all used to play musical instruments that never lasted very long," she explained. "There is just so much beauty in Cambridge. It's wonderful." Sounds like Amelia had the best of both worlds as a kid — royal title without royal attention.

Like many royals, Amelia went to boarding school

The education of the royals has been a topic of conversation for decades. As many know, Queen Elizabeth and the elder generations of the royals were all tutored by private nannies in the palace, but younger generations made a habit of attending boarding school (Prince Charles and Princess Anne come to mind). With that at the forefront, it makes complete sense that Lady Amelia Windsor followed suit and attended boarding school, specifically St. Mary's School Ascot (via the Daily Express).

Boarding school is an interesting choice and seems a little outdated to some of us, but the royals have a very firm stance on the matter. "I think boarding school has been demonized by some when in fact it's a very important aspect to have available, and many children actually thrive in it," Anne once told Vanity Fair of the schooling decision. With that in mind, here are some stats about Amelia's school: St. Mary's is home to about 380 students — ranging from 11 to 18 — and it costs about $51,000 a year in tuition, making it a very pricey option for the wealthiest families around.

Amelia Windsor made her debut in society in 2013

When we think about a young lady debuting in society, we immediately think about Amanda Bynes' character in "What a Girl Wants." The gorgeous ball gown, the unrequited love, the attendance of the queen?! Yes, count us in. But did you know that debutante balls really do happen, and Lady Amelia Windsor was one such young lady who was launched into society? Per Hello!, Amelia was a debutante in 2013 and took part in the Bal des Debutantes in Paris (because being a debutante wasn't extravagant enough). What exactly took place during her social introduction? We took a hint from Margaret Hedberg, the director of the International Debutante Ball.

As Hedberg told ABC News, a debutante ball and season is "a celebration of a lot of people getting together to celebrate their daughters' sort of entrance into the adult world." What we're reading is that the events are for the wealthiest people in high society, and we'd pay a lot to see one of the said balls up close. As for Amelia, she told Teen Vogue of her experience that she felt "like the most spoiled girl in the world." We believe it.

The royal took a gap year in 2014 and worked for a charity

Don't be fooled — Lady Amelia Windsor isn't just about Cambridge and high society functions. She's a natural beauty, an educated young woman, and a dedicated servant to highly important charity causes. After she entered societal adulthood in 2013, she took a gap year and focused on her work with Veterans Aid, an organization dedicated to helping members of the British armed forces who are experiencing immense struggles, including homelessness. In a sit down with Tatler, the publication wanted to talk to her about her education and proximity to the throne, but all the young royal wanted to discuss was her work.

"The team support veterans struggling with all kinds of issues," Amelia said of Veterans Aid, "whether it's finding accommodation, dealing with an addiction, or something simple like buying food, clothing, or an Oyster card." She went on to tell Tatler that in all her professional experiences, she had "never seen so much hard work and passion" in comparison to Veterans Aid. "I will never forget my time working there," she said of the "dedicated" team.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Amelia was named the most beautiful royal

The royal family is known for some seriously stunning women. Young Princess Anne? Gorgeous and iconic. Kate Middleton? Flawless. Meghan Markle? Where do we even start — she's simply stunning. This group of amazing women was joined by yet another drop-dead gorgeous royal family member: Lady Amelia Windsor. In 2016, three years after she made her societal debut, Amelia was named the "most beautiful member of the royal family" by Tatler at just 20 years old (per Hello!), and the title certainly made a splash in both royal circles and fashion industries.

As noted by the Daily Mail, Amelia's presence on the cover of Tatler marked the end of the publication's eight-year hiatus in British royal family front page spreads. The last time a royal had graced the cover was in 2008 with Princess Eugenie, so to say that Amelia made a lasting impression is an understatement. Her photo shoot, which showcased the then-20-year-old royal in a gorgeous Erdem dress and light makeup, solidified Amelia's presence on the world stage. What happens next for the young royal will certainly come as no surprise.

The royal opened up about her early adulthood

Shortly before a life-changing occurrence (just wait, we'll get there), Lady Amelia Windsor opened up to Miss Vogue in her very first interview about life as a young royal. It was 2017, and Amelia had been enjoying the fruits of her labor and title without — from what we can tell — the anxiety-inducing presence of paparazzi and invasive fans. As such, she was able to dedicate time to traveling the world, and she did so alone (honestly, Kate Middleton could've never pulled something like that off with the amount of press attention she's had since her early 20s).

Amelia revealed to Miss Vogue that her then-most recent trip to Morocco included some "exotic climbs" and incredible sites. Her best advice for traveling solo? "Always tell your family and friends everywhere you're going, send number plates of taxis and make sure to send a photocopy of your passport details and visas," she told the outlet. The young royal revealed that she had aspirations to visit her sister in New York, as she had never been to the United States, and that the gorgeous island of Jamaica was also on her travel list.

The aspiring model made her fashion week debut after signing with an elite modeling firm

2017 marked a huge point of transformation for Lady Amelia Windsor, and it's safe to say that the year completely shifted her professional trajectory. As noted by W Magazine, Amelia was signed to the elite modeling management company Storm Management and started making some serious waves in the fashion industry. Storm has been responsible for the likes of Kate Moss, iconic model Cindy Crawford, the dazzling Behati Prinsloo, and more, so Amelia instantly launched her modeling career with amazing company (per Harper's Bazaar).

Storm quickly started working on Amelia's behalf, and by the time fashion week rolled around, the royal was spotted walking in the Dolce & Gabbana fall 2017 show. She returned to the Italian designer as a model once again for the spring 2018 show and absolutely dazzled on the runway. Establishing herself as a fashion industry insider, Amelia went on to work with Chanel, Bvlgari, and now-late fashion icon Azzedine Alaïa. Of working with Alaïa, Amelia told W Magazine, "It was incredible. I worked with him for a few weeks, and it is a time of my life that I'd never forget."

Amelia Windsor didn't forget about her education

You'd think that with all her professional success ramping up that Lady Amelia Windsor would've said a firm "no" to higher education, but just because she made it in the modeling industry did not mean that she turned away from academia. As noted by her Storm Management profile, Amelia attended the University of Edinburgh and received her degree in Italian. The multi-lingual beauty opened up about her decision to pursue language studies during her sit down with W Magazine, and her reasoning is truly fascinating.

"I originally went to Edinburgh for Latin, which I love, and the literature is incredible," Amelia shared during the extensive interview, "but then I suddenly realized that languages are so crucial for working in the fashion industry." She went on to say that an incredibly important aspect of her career in fashion is being able to "communicate with everyone," and studying languages in school ensured her capabilities. To sweeten her university experience, Amelia spent a number of semesters abroad in both Paris and Rome and told Miss Vogue that the year outside of the United Kingdom was her most anticipated. Sounds like a dream.

The royal pursued a behind-the-scenes approach to fashion in 2018

After Lady Amelia Windsor made herself known on the catwalk, she soon started to explore the fashion industry from behind closed doors. In 2018, she made the shift from the front of house to the creative and editorial processes that go into the clothing world, and she told W Magazine that she made the jump thanks to Grace Coddington's autobiography. Coddington, of course, is known for her work as the creative director of Vogue, and not dissimilar to Amelia, she began her career as a model (no wonder the royal looked to her for inspiration).

"[Coddington] had such an amazing journey to get where she was," Amelia to W Magazine of her idol. "She's been in so many parts of the creative process, from being a model to working at Calvin Klein and then British and American Vogue. She's worked in all the parts of the industry. She's a real inspiration for what I'd eventually like to do," she continued. Clearly, the inspirational bug kicked in because in 2018, Amelia jumped into fashion design and released a collaboration with Penelope Chilvers and the organization Warchild (per her Storm Management profile).

Amelia Windsor continues to bring attention to important issues

As we mentioned, Lady Amelia Windsor dedicated her gap year in 2014 to an important charity organization — but her efforts in giving back didn't stop there. In a sit down with The Telegraph, Amelia explained just how mindful she had become about the sustainability and lack of environmental forethought within the fashion industry and told the publication that she wanted to be part of the solution. "We're all aware of the huge plastic crisis, and ... fashion has a key role in that, but then also there are ways we can deal with it," she said. "Stella McCartney is someone to look up to in that sense, she makes the bigger point in her collection that you can be sustainable and stylish. That should be something that everyone really looks for."

As for her own work, one of Amelia's most recent projects as of publication has been a collaboration with Brora, a knitwear brand. Per her Storm Management profile, Amelia's passion and inspiration for the ocean pushed her to dedicate sales money to the Blue Marine Foundation. We love to see someone so deeply dedicated to sustainability!

In a surprising move, the royal was not invited to Prince Harry's wedding

It's safe to say that despite her distance from the throne, Lady Amelia Windsor made herself known on the world stage. She is, of course, stunning, and holds the title of the royal family's most beautiful member (imagine being able to say that — crazy). So when it comes to royal events, it seems safe to bet money on Amelia being in attendance. But in a shocking move, Amelia and her sister, Marina, did not receive invitations to Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's wedding day, despite being members of the royal family (and high-profile members at that). Per The Sun, the snub was quite significant and even came as a shock to the two young royals.

"They were a little surprised not to be invited as they were looking forward to going," a friend told The Sun of Amelia and Marina's lack of invite. "Amelia is creating quite a name for herself with her modeling and Instagram posts," the source continued, pointing to the young model's rising popularity. The friend speculated that Harry "just wanted to keep the family invited to a small number, or maybe he didn't want anyone upstaging the bride."

Unlike most royals, Amelia Windsor keeps followers updated about her life on social media

Royal family members are notorious for being obsessed with their image. From Prince Charles' efforts to revitalize Camilla Parker Bowles' reputation to Queen Elizabeth's dedication to the crown (and the sacrifices that come with said dedication), it's safe to say that the royal family members know what it means to curate their reputation. They accomplish this, in part, with managed social media and official statements, but Lady Amelia Windsor doesn't subscribe to such formalities. As a thriving professional in her mid-20s, Amelia takes to Instagram — like most other people her age — to share with followers the comings and goings of her life. There is a relatable honesty to her content, and we love her for it.

So what does Amelia share on any given day? In one post, she shared a sneak peek of her experience at the Charleston house and garden in Sussex, and in another, gave followers a glimpse into the Dior experience at the Musée Rodin. Don't think all her posts are of amazing events, though — in a relatable pic, Amelia shared a look into her dog-walking habits, outfitted in a warm coat and hat.

The royal was most recently seen at Milan Fashion Week

So what is Lady Amelia Windsor up to these days? She is still represented by Storm Management and remains a very active member of the fashion community. As of publication, her most recent outing was during Milan Fashion Week, and she absolutely took the scene by storm.

As per the Daily Mail, Amelia attended the Del Core show during Italy's most sought-after fashion week and just so happened to sit front row (the ultimate status symbol). She kept things cool and classic with a stunning red wrap dress that featured floral detailing and a plunging neckline, and she elevated the look with fierce black boots. A natural beauty, Amelia didn't have to pull out all the stops when it came to hair and makeup — she kept things simple with straightened hair and minimal makeup. The look was, as we're sure you're not surprised at this point, flawless, and it certainly solidified that Amelia's fashion influence isn't going away anytime soon.

While she might be a lesser-known royal, Amelia should be at the top of your royal favorite list. After all, she's cool, sophisticated, and relatable — what better combo is there?