Here's Who Colin Will Really End Up With In Bridgerton, According To The Books

The truth about Netlix's "Bridgerton" is that fans went absoutely wild for Season 1, which featured the story of Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and her quest to find love with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett (Rege-Jean Page), per Cosmopolitan. The Netflix series was a huge hit for the streamer, and fans are now eager to devour Season 2 and find out what's going on with all of their favorite characters.

As many fans already know, Season 2 of "Bridgerton" will be all about the oldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony (Johnathan Bailey), per Marie Claire. During Season 1, Anthony confessed that he was ready to settle down and take his duty as the viscount of the family seriously. According to PopSugar, Anthony will set out to find a woman that he can share his life with, who is beautiful and smart. However, love isn't high on his list of qualifications when it comes to taking a wife. Although Anthony's journey is sure to be full of ups and downs, some fans are already looking ahead to his younger brother, Colin Bridgerton, who has already had a very interesting twist in his own personal life.

Fans haven't seen the last of Colin and Penelope's friendship

During the first season of "Bridgerton," the third-born Bridgerton sibling, Colin (Luke Newton), was shown as a romantic and fun-loving older brother to Daphne and Eloise. He was also the object of affection for the fan-favorite character Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), per Cheat Sheet. However, throughout the season, viewers watched Colin become infatuated with Marina Thompson, a young lady staying with the Featherington family.

Marina convinced Colin to marry her, but he was left heartbroken when the notorious Lady Whistledown revealed that Marina was pregnant with another man's baby in her gossip paper (via Entertainment Daily). After suffering the heartache of Marina's betrayal, Colin decided to leave London and set out on an adventure of his own to Greece. Of course, he left Penelope behind to pine away for him. However, Entertainment Weekly reports that fans will still get to see plenty of interaction between Colin and Penelope in "Bridgerton" Season 2.

The outlet notes that viewers will quickly see Colin back in the mix during the sophomore season and that he and Penelope will stay in touch via "steady correspondence." Of course, since the show is based on the book series by Julia Quinn, many fans already know Colin's fate and who he ends up with in the future.

Colin's love story plays out in the fourth book of Julia Quinn's series

In the fourth "Bridgerton" novel in Julia Quinn's series, aptly titled "Romancing Mister Bridgerton," Colin Bridgerton finally returns to London after traveling the world and seemingly finding himself. When he comes home to his family and friends, he finds that he still has a very close relationship with Penelope Featherington, per Express. He eventually begins to see Penelope in a very different way and becomes infatuated with her until realizing that he's fallen head over heels in love with his sister Eloise's best friend.

In the novel, Colin becomes frustrated when Lady Whistledown continues to write about him, and later learns that the woman that he's fallen for is actually the secret voice behind the gossip column that's had everyone talking. However, the pair seemingly gets past any secrets or ill feelings about their history and Penelope's scandalous role as Lady Whistledown. Ultimately, the couple gets their happily ever after in the fourth novel, per Glamour.

It seems that fans have a lot to look forward to in Colin and Penelope's relationship as the Netflix series progresses.