A Refresher On What Is Going On With Marina Going Into Bridgerton Season 2

"Bridgerton" fans were captivated by the amazing costumes, stunning sets, and talented actors during the show's first season (via Harper's Bazaar). 

Season 1 of the Netflix original series focused heavily on the Bridgerton siblings, namely Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, and her love interest, Simon Basset, played by Regé-Jean Page. The rest of the Bridgerton family was also introduced, including fan-favorites Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), Eloise (Claudia Jessie), and Colin (Luke Newton). 

However, the supporting characters turned out to be just as interesting as the Bridgerton clan, per Collider. The Featherington family was a source of great comedy and drama throughout Season 1. The family included mother Lady Portia Featherington (Polly Walker) as well as her three daughters, Phillipa (Harriet Cains), Prudence (Bessie Carter), and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan). 

Things got even more interesting when the family took in Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), who shook up London's social scene and marriage market and stole the attention away from the Featherington girls.

As fans already know, Marina's story was no fairytale — and became one of the most heartbreaking storylines of Season 1.

Marina Thompson caused a stir when she came to live with the Featherington family

"Bridgerton" fans were introduced to the character of Marina early on in Season 1 when she came to live with the Featherington family as a favor to her father, who was owed a debt by Lord Featherington. 

Marina entered London's marriage market alongside the Featherington sisters, Phillipa, Prudence, and Penelope, and immediately drew the attention of many men (via Entertainment Daily). Marina appeared to enjoy being courted by many suitors, but her good times quickly turned sour when she realized that she was pregnant, per Polygon

Fans were later let in on the details of Marina's life before coming to live with the Featheringtons when she told Penelope that she was in love with a soldier back home. Marina told Penelope that her love, George Crane, was fighting in Spain and that she had written to him to tell him the news of her pregnancy but had yet to receive correspondence from him.

Once Lady Featherington heard the news, she forged a letter from George, denying the child and claiming he wanted nothing more to do with Marina. Lady Featherington then told Marina that she must quickly find a husband and marry in order to pass off the baby as legitimate.

Marina Thompson convinced Colin Bridgerton to marry her

After some thought, Marina convinced Colin to marry her. The two planned to wed in Scotland, and Penelope was devastated as she had been hiding her love for Colin and didn't want to see him get hurt by secrets and lies.

When Lady Whistledown later broke the news of Marina's pregnancy, Colin was heartbroken. In the season finale, "Bridgerton" fans watched as Colin opted to leave London to travel the world and get over his heartache (via Cinema Blend).

Meanwhile, Marina was left in a bad situation until it was revealed that George never wrote the letter denying their child. This left Marina with hope, which was quickly quashed when George's brother, Philip Crane, came to town (via Entertainment Daily). 

He told Marina that George had been killed in combat and offered to marry her and raise his brother's baby in his place. After much consideration, Marina accepted Philip's proposal and left town with him.

What's in store for Marina Thompson?

According to Entertainment Daily, actress Ruby Barker is set to return as Marina in Season 2 of "Bridgerton." It appears that fans may get to see her experience pregnancy and learn to live with Philip while still mourning the death of her love, George. 

However, fans of the book series know that Marina's life doesn't get any easier. Instead, she becomes very unhappy with her life and suffers a tragic fate that ties into the story of Eloise (via Express).

Since each season of "Bridgerton" appears to be based on one book in the series written by author Julia Quinn (via PopSugar), fans could expect to see Marina's story play out if the show continues to be renewed by Netflix.

Until that time, however, viewers who have not read the source material will likely be glued to their televisions as they watch the story of Marina and the rest of the "Bridgerton" characters unfold.