Twitter Is Freaking Out That These Pulp Fiction Stars Sat Together At The Oscars

"Pulp Fiction" came out—wait for it—almost 30 years ago, in 1994. Yeah, we can't believe it either. Since it's been a minute, Twitter was seriously freaking out when they spotted its stars, Uma Thurman and John Travolta, seated together at the Oscars Sunday night.

"Uma Thurman and John travolta are sitting together! Hollywood!" one person proclaimed. "Did I see that right? John Travolta and Uma Thurman sat together at the #oscars in 2022??" another fan tweeted in excitement. Many other viewers tweeted gifs from "Pulp Fiction," including the famous dance scene between the two.

"UMA THURMAN AND JOHN TRAVOLTA???? PULP FICTION REVIVAL???" another fan tweeted in disbelief. Some Twitter users even speculated that the two former co-stars were a couple, with one person tweeting, "Wait. Are Uma Thurman and John Travolta a thing? #Oscars." 

So, are the two actors dating all these years after making the Quentin Tarantino film?

Pulp Fiction fans are pumped

With some speculation that the "Pulp Fiction" stars were an item, it's worth noting that sadly, Travolta's wife of decades, Kelly Preston, died in 2020 (via Us Weekly). And Thurman was reportedly dating a Bloomberg CEO as of June of 2021 following her divorce from Ethan Hawke and subsequent relationships with the likes of André Balazs (via People).

Whether they are friends or more, Twitter was all about the stars' reunion. "I love seeing Uma Thurman and John Travolta together again," one person tweeted.

According to The Wrap, both Travolta and Thurman were on hand to present at the Academy Awards, which explains why they were at the Dolby Theater. It's also important to note that their "Pulp Fiction" co-star Samuel L. Jackson was honored at the 94th Annual Academy Awards with a lifetime achievement award (via The Washington Post).

In any case, are we the only ones feeling a "Pulp Fiction" reboot? Just sayin'.