Chris Evans' Surprise Oscars Appearance Had Fans In A Tizzy

As happens each year, the 2022 Oscars pulled together the industry's biggest names at the Dolby Theatre to honor the ones who were exceptional in their performances and who honed their crafts well. This year's ceremony had some notable moments: Beyoncé gave us a rendition of "Be Alive" as her first award show performance in five years, and Uma Thurman and John Travolta had a fan-reported "Pulp Fiction" reunion. But there were also historically significant moments at this year's Oscars.

Ariana DeBose became the first queer Latina actress to take home an Oscar (via NPR), while Troy Kotsur became the first Deaf man to win an Academy Award (via LA Times). In her acceptance speech, DeBose said, "To anybody who has ever questioned your identity....I promise you this, there is indeed a place for us." Kotsur also made an incredibly moving speech while accepting his award for "CODA." 

After these two powerful speeches, fans were treated to a surprise appearance from "Captain America" star Chris Evans.

Chris Evans congratulated Troy Kotsur

During his acceptance speech, Troy Kotsur dedicated his award to "to the deaf community, the 'CODA' community, and the disabled community." He continued, "This is our moment." Right after, Chris Evans made a virtual appearance, where he said, "Congratulations, Troy Kotsur, on winning Best Supporting Actor. What an incredible celebration of movies" (via Just Jared). Evans then introduced his latest project, "Lightyear."

As expected, the surprise appearance by Evans was received well. "Okay, the Oscars can end now, Chris Evans made his appearance and he looked d**n good doing it," one Twitter user said. Another fan agreed heartily, saying, "CHRIS EVANS LOOKING GOOD AS H**L POPPING UP ON MY SCREEN WITHOUT WARNING #Oscars." 

One Twitter user posted a throwback of Evans helping Regina King at the 2019 Oscars, a chivalrous moment that went viral amongst fans, to remind us we need him at every award show ever. Even though he was only there for a few seconds, we're grateful.