The Beauty Products Sarah Jessica Parker Can't Live Without

It's official! "Sex and the City" fans are getting a second season of the reboot "And Just Like That," and fan-favorite Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) will be back on TV screens. In the revival, fans were quick to notice just how beautifully Parker had aged. Though it's clear she has gotten older since "SATC" was first on-air, it's still impressive to see a 56-year-old rock such a gorgeous glow. But beautiful skin is nothing new for Parker, who has been a fashion and style icon for most of her life. In fact, both Bradshaw and Parker are icons to many, although Parker herself doesn't see it. "It's not an identity that I ... connect to...It's not how I think of myself and I think it's probably the healthier approach," the actor told People in 2012, explaining why she doesn't view herself as a fashion icon.

Even if Parker doesn't think so, everyone else does! While her taste in fashion isn't exactly attainable, her beauty secrets are. Long gone are the days of mystery surrounding celebs' beauty routines. Now, it's as simple as googling what products your favorite star swears by. Thankfully, Parker has spilled her (beauty) secrets — and these are some of the products she can't live without.

Sarah Jessica Parker loves a smoky eye & glowing skin

Some celebrities have a signature look. Think Ariana Grande's cat-eye liner and Gwen Stefani's bold red lip. Likewise, you'll rarely catch Sarah Jessica Parker without her signature smoky eye and glowy skin. At this point in her career, the look is practically her trademark. Thankfully, Parker's longtime makeup artist, Elaine Offers, spilled the tea to Vogue UK about which products she uses to emulate the look — so you too can try it out for yourself!

According to Vogue UK, Offers labels Parker's go-to look as, "a quick smoky eye, a bit of cream cheek color, and a slick of gloss." Offers also revealed the actor's favorite combo of products that she turns to in order to keep her skin plump and fresh. "I use Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation with no powder on top, followed by Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate," the makeup artist told Vogue UK. "I use the illuminating cream on her high points. I also only use cream blush on her." As for the smoky eye component, Parker herself revealed to People that she turns to Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colors to achieve the look. "I've been using these since the day they came out in 2011," the "SATC" star said. "They're incredible colors, and they don't transfer."

Sarah Jessica Parker calls this drugstore moisturizer her holy grail

As any makeup artist will tell you, every look is only as good as it's base. For example, you can't build a masterpiece on a poor foundation. Looking great starts with good skincare. So, if you'd like to look as fresh and hydrated as Sarah Jessica Parker does, it might be beneficial to take a look at what goes into her skincare routine. Luckily for us, Parker isn't shy about sharing her fave products. Surprisingly, the Golden Globe winner likes to keep things simple. "I am not really a products person but I've been wearing the same moisturizer for the last eight years — it's La Roche-Posay's Toleriane Fluid," she told Vogue UK.

That's right: Parker's holy grail product is a drugstore product you can get for just $30! It sounds like it works wonders for its price point, as Parker explains. "I like it because it's like water and it's really good, plus I can't wear moisturizer with fragrance in it and it doesn't have that." She even raved about it to TODAY, saying, "It's amazing. It's very thin, so you can use it to touch yourself up. It's great." As for the rest of her skincare, she prioritizes her sunscreen. ""I wear Neutrogena or Coppertone — just what's available at the drugstore," the actress added, per Vogue UK.

What's the secret behind Sarah Jessica Parker's hair?

Although Sarah Jessica Parker serves up plenty of face, her hair is also known for stealing the show at events. While Parker's onscreen counterpart, Carrie Bradshaw, often switched up her hair, Parker sticks to her trademark volume. In fact, the star is always rocking inches of perfectly bouncy waves and voluminous curls. How does she get it right so often?

When it comes to hair, Parker is loyal to her longtime stylist, Serge Normant. "I use Serge Normant's shampoo and conditioner always — that's the truth...He also has a really great mask that I try to use in the summer when I'm not working as much," the A-lister told Vogue UK. But the Serge Normant product that Parker relies on the most, and which she has been swearing by for the secret to va-va-voom volume, is the Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray. "I use his Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray which I go crazy for because I don't have the skills to really do hair. In my own life I just wash it and go to sleep, I have wavy hair so I use that to just give it some dirt," Parker added, per Vogue UK.