What Does The Bee In Bridgerton Mean?

Everyone is buzzing about the second season of "Bridgerton," which premiered on Netflix on March 25. One topic, in particular, that's being discussed by fans is the bee depicted in the period drama. There are several theories as to why bees are featured throughout Season 2, and, as expected, spoilers are ahead!

The bee was originally seen in the first season of the hit Netflix show. According to Glamour, a bee appears on Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset's carriage. Later, it appears on the window when the couple welcomes their son into the world. The subtle presence of the bee prompted one Reddit user to think of a "Harry Potter" reference, where nosy journalist Rita Skeeter eavesdrops on people as a beetle. The user's theory was that Lady Whistledown may be listening for gossip through the bees somehow, which may be a little outlandish for a show that doesn't feature any magical elements, but it's still an intriguing idea.

Glamour went on to share that in a Season 1 picture of the Bridgerton family, Benedict's shirt collar has a bee on it. ScreenRant similarly reported that Eloise Bridgerton is seen wearing a bee-shaped hairpin in the first season. Bees could just be a way for the Bridgerton's to show off their identity, sort of like a monogram or a family crest (via Reddit). Though some suggested that the insect may be a reference to the "birds and the bees," the actual symbolism of the bee is much more meaningful than that.

The bee has a special connection to the Bridgerton family

If you thought the bees were gone with Season 2 of "Bridgerton," guess again! Bees have featured prominently in the second installment of the series, too. The insect was once more seen embroidered on Benedict's clothes, and it was incorporated into Kate Sharma's jewelry and garments (per Bustle). Glamour wrote that Jonathan Bailey, the actor who portrays Anthony Bridgerton, was seen wearing bee pins in real life just before the second season dropped. The opening credits of the series also showcase a beehive.

Now, in the latest episodes of the show — based on the books by Julia Quinn — audiences discover the tragic backstory of the Bridgerton family patriarch, Edmund: He died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting (via Express). According to Glamour, Anthony becomes the viscount and head of the family following Edmund's death, and it's Anthony's love story that becomes the main focus of Season 2. Therefore, the bee could have shown up as a hint about what's to come in Anthony's future.

Bees seem especially important for Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony Bridgerton is the primary focus in the second season of "Bridgerton." As a spoiler for those who haven't watched the latest episodes (or previously read the books), a bee stings Kate Sharma while she's with Anthony. He immediately starts to worry as he thinks back to what happened to his father, but Kate eventually calms him down.

This interaction led fans to another theory: The bees symbolize Anthony's stress and the man he has become. Bustle recapped how Anthony had to step into a very serious role at a young age, which caused him to develop anxiety and to busy himself with everyday tasks. Glamour touched upon the inspiring impact of this, as Anthony is who he is because of all that has happened to him since his father's untimely death.

Not everyone is on board with bees representing the main characters, though. Since a bee is what led to the death of Edmund Bridgerton, fans on Reddit discussed the family using the insect as a symbol of sorts. Comments stated that the Bridgertons wearing bee-inspired wardrobes was in "rather poor taste," and "weird," considering a bee caused them to lose their patriarch.

However, bees are usually spotted in the series when the Bridgertons are all together, or when positive moments are taking place. This could mean that, through it all, the head of their household is still with them and still watching over them, which is a sweet conclusion indeed.