Queen Elizabeth's Travel Companion For Prince Philip's Memorial Is Raising Eyebrows

The day has finally arrived for Prince Philip's memorial service, known as a Day of Thanksgiving (via Sky News), to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his death on April 9, 2021. There was even a question about whether the queen would be in attendance at the memorial for the man she had been married to for 70 years. After all, Queen Elizabeth II hasn't been in the best of health of late.

After a difficult fall that forced her to cancel international trips, use a walking stick, spend a night in the hospital, and spend several weeks resting per doctor's orders (per CBS News), the queen seemed to be recovering. Then, a COVID diagnosis for the 95-year-old queen affected her health and her ability to carry out public duties once again. Now, the queen is feeling more up to public appearances and attended her late husband's memorial, but who she was seen arm in arm with while there is raising a few eyebrows.

Queen Elizabeth arrives at memorial with Prince Andrew

Queen Elizabeth II was not about to miss her husband's Day of Thanksgiving, despite recent health issues, but she surprised many when she arrived at Westminster Abbey together with her son, Prince Andrew. According to Sky News, they had traveled together in the same limousine and were seen walking together after departing the car with the queen holding onto her walking stick, as well as Andrew, for support.

Now, it shouldn't seem unusual that the queen's second son would accompany her to his father's memorial, but as much of the world knows, Prince Andrew has been embroiled in a sexual assault scandal. An American woman named Virginia Giuffre claimed the prince had sex with her when she was underage. Andrew settled with Giuffre in February after she tried taking him to court, according to The New York Times.

As the scandal dragged on, the queen stripped Andrew of his patronages and military titles (via People), but it looks like their personal relationship may remain a close one as he acted as his mother's support on an important day.

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