How The April 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

The new moon on April 1 is set to be a special one for many reasons. The lunar event marks the first new moon of the astrological new year, and is said to be a great time to start fresh, set some new goals, and plan ahead. "Astrologically speaking, this is the best time for beginning new projects, forming new relationships, as well as leaving behind things that might hold us back," astrologer Lauren Ash told Bustle. "The new moon brings us a cosmic clean slate perfect for realigning our goals, resetting our intentions, and manifesting new opportunities."

April's first new moon falls under the sign of Gemini, which will help many members of the zodiac feel more self confident and reflect on their wants and needs going forward in the new astrological new year. For those born under the air sign of Gemini, the first new moon of the month could prove to be a packed one (via Yahoo).

Gemini will feel very social during the new moon on April 1

If you're a Gemini (born between May 21— June 20), the new moon on April 1 may be a time of great excitement for you. According to Yahoo, Gemini can expect to feel very socially charged to kick off the month. This could mean hitting the town with your friend group, spending more time with your family, or even getting to know your co-workers a bit better. You may even find yourself working on a group project at school or work that will lead to some interesting moments.

Woman and Home notes that Gemini may have been feeling a strain in their personal relationships as of late and the pandemic hasn't helped matters. However, the new moon proves to be a good time for you to reconnect with those you feel you may have been neglecting during that time. So shoot a text or phone call to a good friend you haven't spoken to for awhile and set up a time to meet for coffee or take in a movie.

Meanwhile, the lunar event may also impact your love life.

Romantic relationships may change for Gemini during the new moon

For Gemini, the new moon on the first of April could leave you feeling very inspired and motivated to make some significant changes, set some goals, and pursue your aspirations. However, as you follow your heart's desire, things could change between you and your partner if you're romantically involved with someone, per Bustle. You may find that the more you focus on your dreams the more things will change in your relationship. Your partner may either decide that they want to cool down and take some time apart, or kick things up a notch and move to the next level in your romance. This may put you in an awkward position, so when deciding what to do but sure to weigh your options and make the best possible decision for yourself.

Today notes that Gemini shouldn't hold back and let fear dictate their actions around the time of the new moon, and even reveals that some positivity is sure to be heading their way towards the end of April.

It seems that the new moon on April 1 may shake things up for Gemini heading into the astrological new year.