The Real Reason Christina Haack Wants Time To Slow Down

Fans of HGTV's "Flip or Flop" were likely disappointed to learn that the reality show was ending after 10 seasons. "Bittersweet news to announce, it's the end of an era. Next week's episode of Flip or Flop will be the SERIES finale," the show's star, Christina Haack wrote on Instagram in March 2022. Haack (née El Moussa) first launched the show with then-husband Tarek El Moussa in 2013. Per Us Weekly, the couple welcomed daughter Taylor and son Brayden, and their children were also featured on "Flip or Flop." As TODAY reported, Haack and El Moussa split in 2018 and have been co-parenting ever since.

For her part, Haack has been open about the challenges of both divorce and raising her kids. In a recent Instagram post, the reality star shared a picture of Brayden snuggling up to her son from her second marriage to Ant Anstead. (Anstead is now coupled up with Renée Zellweger.) "Life post divorce can be very complicated, but love for my children and their love for each other never is" Haack captioned the sweet picture. Along with being a mom and filming "Flip or Flop," Haack has also been busy filming her solo show, HGTV's "Christina on the Coast." With three kids and multiple TV shows, it's no wonder that Haack wants time to slow down!

Christina Haack wants to spend more time with her kids

Kids grow up fast, and Christina Haack alluded to the fact she'd like to slow down time so she can spend more time with her kids while they're still kids. "Need time to slow down asap!! Taylor becoming a pre-teen right before my eyes," Haack captioned an Instagram post that showed her hanging out in the car with her daughter Taylor El Moussa. "No matter what age we are we have always been jamming to our music and having our car talks." As Taylor is 11 years old as of this writing, fans likewise chimed in on the comments section of the photo, reminding Haack to cherish this time with her daughter. 

That said, it may be a challenge for Haack to prioritize her family time. In another recent Instagram, Haack announced that she is going into business with her fiance, Josh Hall. Per People, the duo are starting a production company called "Unbroken Productions," which will reportedly produce "Christina on the Coast." Still, Haack is bound to get in some good mother-daughter time as she plans her upcoming wedding. When Haack's ex Tarek El Moussa married Heather Rae Young, TODAY reported that Taylor walked her dad down the aisle — so Taylor is likely to feature in a big way in Haack's wedding too.