How The April 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

It's fitting that the first major astrological moon event of spring is a new moon. The sky on April 1 will be dark, like a blank slate or pages in a book you have yet to write. A new moon, or dark moon, ushers in the energy for a fresh start, making it easier to set new goals and intentions for the next month.

Setting new intentions, whether it's a new month or a new lunar cycle, has many benefits. Part of what makes this practice so powerful is physically writing down your intentions and goals. For starters, it can help you be easier on yourself when you're setting and when you're trying to meet your goals, according to Shape. Plus, having a physical list can help make it easier to stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

New moons, when the moon is missing from the night sky, are the best time to set intentions, and not just because the sky is the perfect metaphor for starting over according to Bustle. As poetic as that is, there is evidence that the dark actually helps improve both creativity and objectivity. For starters, darkness actually helps turn down the intensity of emotions. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, reported by Inverse, actually found bright light intensifies emotions, both good and bad.

Quieter emotions can help us not just look forward, but also reflect on the growth we've made over the past month.

Capricorns should set these intentions during the April 1 new moon

To get the most out of setting your intentions with the new moon, you're going to want to understand how the moon's energy is going to impact you. Each zodiac sign will feel the new moon differently, which means you should look up what your sun sign and rising signs are. These two aspects of your astrological birth chart, and how they interact with the zodiac sign the moon is in at the time, are thought to determine how moon energies will affect someone.

For Capricorns, and Capricorn Risings, the April 1 new moon is a time to start spring cleaning your life, according to Chani Nicholas. Earth and fire don't normally go together, but the Aries new moon is exactly the energy Capricorns are going to need to handle the month ahead.

With this new moon, consider setting the intention to evaluate who in your personal life is helping you and who, or what, is holding you back. As InStyle explains, the new moon sits directly inside the fourth house, the aspect of your chart that deal with your family and living arrangements. Use the darkness of the moon to help objectively look at the bonds you have with people, or the way you find yourself acting around them. Chani Nicholas suggests evaluating if and how trauma, personal or generational, plays into these relationships.

The new moon is the perfect time for Capricorns to break cycles

For Capricorns, the April 1 new moon in Aries is also the perfect time to start setting better boundaries with people. After all, like Costar says, Capricorns are workaholics and always take on more than they can handle, especially if it's other people's responsibility.

Putting up boundaries in your personal life often goes hand-in-hand with having to break old cycles and bad habits. You almost can't do one without the other, and neither is easy or comes without consequences, good and bad. But sometimes a boundary needs to be a burning bridge and Aries is handing you the lit match, Capricorn. When a fire is done burning, what's left are the ashes, which Chani Nicholas suggests as a way to look at what you just burned away: light, blowing away in the wind.

Sometimes boundaries also mean setting up a physical space that's just for you. With all of the projects you always have going on, Elite Daily suggests getting a room of your own. This might mean reorganizing your current workspace so it's more organized or carving out a completely new space.

Big things are on your horizon, Capricorn, and the best way to prepare is to make sure you have people and systems in place that are going to support you and your mental health.