If You're A Leo, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

Described by Allure as the "kings and queens of the celestial jungle," those born under Leo are most often referred to by the feline by which they're represented by: the lion. With that in mind, you'd be quick to assume that the best pet for a Leo would, of course, be a cat.

Both Leos and cats share similar personality traits, like being passionate, confident, and dramatically whimsical, as noted by Reader's Digest. Even astrologist Rebecca M. Farrar agrees, telling the magazine that she sees "a special affinity" between Leos and cats. In particular, Leos channel the wilder side, while those born under Taurus emulate the relaxed state of felines.

But when it comes to choosing a cat as a Leo, it's not a generalized choice. There are specific types to keep in mind if you want to sync perfectly with your furry companion, and yes, that includes one of the most exotic breeds.

These are the cats that Leos will bond the most with

Both Bustle and eAstroHelp suggest that the Bengal cat is the type of cat with which Leos will bond the most. This breed sports a coat that is strikingly similar to the wild Asian leopard cat. As Cattime.com notes, Bengal is a shortened version of the scientific name for an Asian leopard cat: Felis bengalensis. These cats like nothing more than to play and learn tricks, as they one of the feline world's most intelligent breeds.

Another cat perfect for a Leo is the tabby cat (via Astrology Answers), which isn't so much a breed, rather a type of coat pattern, according to The Spruce Pets. Another choice is the gorgeous and sweet-tempered Blue Russian (via Hills Pet), which is known for its striking coat and bright eyes.

But contrary to what you may think, there's more to being a Leo than being related to the world's second biggest cat.

Cats aren't the only pets best suited for a Leo

On the less practical side, Astrology Answers recommends Leos bond with horses. This may be rather unconventional in practice, especially if you don't have the space or money to keep and look after one. However, the outlet also suggests investing in a hobby that involves horses in some capacity, as ample time with horses is excellent for the outgoing and self-assured Leo. Plus, like the exotic Bengal, eAstroHelp notes that other exotic animals like the macaw is the perfect choice for a Leo.

If you're more of a dog person, the breeds that will jump out at a Leo are the cocker spaniel and golden retriever, according to eAstroHelp. The American Kennel Club recommends pugs as charming and witty companions for a Leo to have. Naturally, Leos will love them.

Finally, in relation to the lion, another breed of dog that would suit a Leo perfectly is the chow chow thanks to its almost regal disposition and, of course, their appearance, which is naturally lion-esque. Ultimately, leaning into your star sign can lead you to the best bonds. Leos might find the most ideal place to live after finding their best pet, for example.