Here's How Kate Middleton And Prince William Reportedly Feel After Their Dramatic Royal Tour

Everyone is learning how to navigate the world again, and that includes the British royal family. On their first tour since COVID-19 started, Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to the Caribbean. During their trip, the pair were met with controversy, and the royal tour kept getting messier and messier as the days went on. Though William and Kate's intention was to spread goodwill throughout the Commonwealth, they were often met with backlash.

The Cambridges were met by some crowds with an outpouring of affection and support, but during other stops, protesters called for independence from the U.K. (per ET). Appearances in Belize were canceled due to protests about the couple's use of a helicopter that landed on a local soccer field, as those living in the village were not consulted about the decision in advance (via Reuters). That wasn't the only public relations disaster the Duke and Duchess ran into. In Jamaica, the prime minister said he wanted his country to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state while William and Kate stood next to him in silence as he made the declaration (per BBC).

Though there were triumphs for the royal couple during this tour, the mistakes have been getting more coverage. This has left many, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to wonder what royal tours might look like in the future. The couple has had time to reflect on the tour now that they're back on British soil, and they're reportedly looking to make significant changes to their royal duties.

Kate and William are reportedly doing some soul-searching

When Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on their royal tour of the Caribbean, they presumably thought this would be no different than any other trip. However, unexpected moments and public relations blunders ultimately stole the show. Now that the couple is back home, though, they've been able to reflect on their time overseas. According to the Daily Mail, the immediate reaction by not just the couple, but the entire British royal family, was to reportedly change the way they planned their tours. 

A royal insider told the Daily Mail that instead of touring the entire Commonwealth, future royal visits would be limited to places where their presence would be productive, rather than just for publicity. Sources told Us Weekly the royal couple had been excited about the tour prior to their departure. Once they arrived in the Caribbean and saw first-hand how people felt about the U.K. and its role in the history of slavery, though, a shift took place.  Prince William was moved to give a groundbreaking statement about the Commonwealth during the tour, where he apologized for the royal family's role in the slave trade in Jamaica (via Us Weekly).

The same source told Us Weekly that the couple allegedly expressed regret over much of what happened on the trip. We can't help but wonder what the lasting fallout for the British Commonwealth will be following this messy tour.