The 5 Bachelor Contestants Who Showed Plenty Of Skin On-Screen

The bigger the impression contestants make, the better on ABC's long-running reality dating show "The Bachelor" and its affiliate series "The Bachelorette." First, the exit from the limo — or, in some cases vintage car, helicopter, or even bed with wheels — gives contestants the chance to make their debut (via Insider). Then, of course, the show has seen animal costumes — ranging from shark to sloth — and there's been plenty of full flight-attendant gear. 

But it's the franchise's group date challenges that tend to produce the situations and looks that viewers have the hardest time swallowing. Examples include skiing in bikinis, mud wrestling, and, of course, playing strip dodgeball on Clare Crawley's season of "The Bachelorette" (via Glamour). 

One contestant was infamously offended by the game (which he didn't actually participate in) and criticized Crawley for setting a poor example for his daughter (via YouTube). Though the confrontation was painful to watch, the aftermath turned into an excellent and long-running Twitter meme for whenever inappropriate moments pop up throughout the franchise. 

Though contestants are typically up for anything to win the bachelor's heart, some may have taken their willingness to bare skin a bit far. Here's five examples.

Clayton and his date ran half naked through downtown Los Angeles

On "The Bachelor," Season 26 lead Clayton Echard and contestant Sarah Hamrick stripped down for a challenge in front of the whole city of Los Angeles. Clayton is no stranger to a physical test with a background in college football and a career in medical sales (via ABC). But his date with Sarah required him to be both emotionally and physically vulnerable. They embarked on a mostly nude scavenger hunt that shocked onlookers and security guards on the way. 

Despite the uncomfortable nature of the date, Sarah was a good sport; "This will be just like a preview for fantasy suites," she said after stripping to her underwear (via YouTube). Still, it wasn't a typical first date, especially since it may have potentially traumatized unsuspecting onlookers downtown.

One of Matt James' contestants showed up in lingerie

Kaili Anderson, a hostess from Chicago (via ABC), decided her best chance at love was to bare all from the get-go on "The Bachelor." So she showed up in lace underwear to meet bachelor Matt James on night one of his season. She told the bachelor, "I've been sitting in my hotel room all day trying to figure out what to wear ... what better opportunity to figure out what you like than to ask for your opinion on what I should wear" (via YouTube). 

Of course, the other contestants watching from inside the mansion had a lot to say about Anderson's bold choice. "That's ballsy," Rachel Kirkconnell, the eventual winner of Matt's heart, remarked. A disapproving contestant replied, "Yeah, that's one word for it." But Alana Milne, who would later appear on "Bachelor In Paradise," came to her defense. "At least she has a robe on," she said.

Lucy Aragon was known as a free spirit

Lucy Aragon — from Juan Pablo's season of "The Bachelor" — is known for her bohemian charm and fun-loving nature, per Bustle. Fans can see that on Instagram where she shares photos of her travels including a trip to Burning Man where she showcased a particularly daring outfit. She paired the body-baring look with the hashtag #freelikeme

According to Us Weekly, she even wrote a song about her breakup with the bachelor. In it, she implied that he sent her home because of her nudist preferences. "Sent my a** home cause I was always in the nude / You ain't ready for this jelly, cause you're kind of a prude," she sings on the track (via YouTube). It's worth pointing out that she performed the number while holding a guitar over her seemingly bare chest.

Clayton Echard almost got a physical from one bold contestant

Kira Mengistu showed up to night one of Clayton Echard's season of "The Bachelor" wearing a lab coat over red lingerie in a playful homage to her career as a physician (TV Over Mind). Considering that she has a BA, MBA, and medical degree, Dr. Mengistu is more than qualified to own a stethoscope (via Reality Bit). 

We're willing to bet that she could definitely teach the bachelor, who works in medical sales (via ABC), a thing or two. She also came prepared with a heart-stopping pickup line: "I'm a doctor, and I'm here to give you your full body physical" (via YouTube).

Cassie Randolph's iconic breakup dress lit up Twitter

Cassie Randolph was a legendary contestant on "The Bachelor." Her silver, off-the-shoulder mini dress looked so good it made bachelor Colton Underwood jump a fence after their breakup (via Us Weekly). Aside from their mutual heartbreak and Colton's dramatic exit, the dress was the true attention-grabber of the episode as it showed off her legs and décolletage.

In fact, it made such a splash on Twitter that it even distracted fans from the emotional conversation. "Feel really bad for Colton, the poor guy, but like where can I get Cassie's dress," one fan wrote. In case you were wondering, the original dress is no longer available at Akira, but Glamour pointed out you can get looks similar to the outfit. In fact, there was even another option called the "I Want You So Bad minidress." Sadly it has also since sold out. That's what happens when a heart-stopping dress goes viral.