The Real Reason Bosco's Looks On RPDR Are Raising Eyebrows

It can be tough for a reality show to maintain relevancy the longer it's on the air. (For proof, just look at "Vanderpump Rules!") Furthermore, when the show happens to be a competition, it's significantly harder to keep fans invested over time — especially when those fans become wise to producer's tricks. Because social media gives everybody the opportunity to air their grievances, plenty of people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about "RuPaul's Drag Race." 

The hit drag competition has undergone multiple changes since first airing in 2009. From freshening up the judging panel, to diversifying the challenges, "RPDR" is always working to keep contestants (and fans) on their toes. However, as the show has continued to crank out seasons at an insanely high rate, more and more of its key elements have been placed under the microscope. Per ScreenRant, Season 14 has been heavily criticized for simultaneously overcomplicating things and also for somehow being really boring. Season frontrunner Bosco was a fan favorite from the beginning, but the longer she sticks around, the clearer it becomes that the self-described "demon queen of Seattle" might be kind of a one-trick pony.

Bosco emerged as a frontrunner in the competition

Bosco has had a tough few weeks. However, her luck finally changed when the Seattle star was revealed to be holding the golden chocolate bar, thereby preventing her from being eliminated, according to Entertainment Weekly. Though the drag queen was a fan-favorite, she suffered during the lip-sync extravaganza and lost two in a row. This led to her battling Lady Camden for a role in "Moulin Ru," only for Bosco's performance to pale in comparison to that of her one-time frenemy, who ultimately won the week.

"After the lip-sync [against Jorgeous in the bottom-two], I was pretty defeated, like, well, this is where the journey ends. I was ready for them to play those sad trombone horns that we hear every single week," Bosco admitted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly's "BINGE" podcast. The reality star also shared that the moment she opened her golden bar was even tenser than we realized, because it took longer than what was shown during the episode. Still, she was obviously thrilled to make it through. Bosco additionally curried favor with "Drag Race" fans when she came out as transgender, after posting a sweet message to Instagram. But as the weeks DRAGGED on (no pun intended!), something about the popular queen's signature look has become impossible to ignore — and it isn't those fabulous eyebrows.

Bosco has been consistently criticized for her sexy looks

As Xtra magazine pointed out in their "Drag Race" episode review, Bosco was criticized by judge Michelle Visage for her nearly-naked runway look. 

The Seattle-based queen might have gotten unlucky with how the runways played out, but as a Reddit post argued, Bosco has seemingly worn almost identical outfits for the past few weeks straight. Several commenters pointed out that she's probably broke, which checks in with the big cost of "RuPaul's Drag Race" that the queens don't talk about. Others argued that one of the outfits was a lip-sync outfit rather than a runway look, so it technically doesn't count. Furthermore, the judges should have known what to expect from Bosco, since the drag queen described her aesthetic as "equal parts evil and naked," per the Radio Times.

Moreover, Bosco's go-to descriptor for her looks is "slutty." Being almost eliminated twice hasn't dented her enthusiasm either, with the Seattle star assuring Entertainment Weekly's "BINGE" podcast that she plans to continue delivering "new-and-improved versions of naked" for the remainder of "RPDR." In fact, considering how many suitcases the queens are allowed bring to the show, Bosco might just be a really smart packer.