Three Tips This Celebrity Esthetician Shares With All Of Her Star Clients

Nowadays, everyone can look perfect on Instagram thanks to its filters. Pores, what? But to look amazing in real life, the canvas — i.e., your skin — needs to look good. You must be wondering how every celebrity looks picture perfect when they walk the red carpet. Well, they have an entire team of makeup artists and stylists to help, and most of them have a trusted esthetician who oversees their skincare game. These estheticians do a good job making the stars look gorgeous, both on-camera and off. 

"Helping people look beautiful and feel beautiful is my favorite part," celebrity esthetician Shani Darden told USA Today. No wonder the biggest names in Hollywood probably have their favorite skincare guru on speed dial for all their skincare woes.

If you are a celebrity, people recognize you for your face, so skincare is incredibly important. Therefore, they only turn to the best estheticians in the world for their skin, per Haute Living. If you are a skincare enthusiast, you have probably heard of top-notch estheticians like Joanna Vargas and Sonya Dakar, who have not only a slew of A-list celebrity clients but also their own skincare lines (via Brit). Now meet Natalie Aguilar, an esthetician and dermatological nurse who has some amazing secrets.

Estheticians help you build good skincare habits

Natalie Aguilar is the founder of N4 Skincare, who is also responsible for Rita Ora and Sofia Vergara's flawless skin. She has an impressive resume with specialty training in "highly sensitive and technical treatments" in Beverly Hills, so she blends science with skincare to give you the best skin of your life, per her Shop My Shelf bio.

You can't get good skin overnight, and Aguilar's first tip to perfect skin is to simply take one step and then another, slowly building your routine so as not to overwhelm yourself. "A healthy skin routine is no different than a healthy lifestyle—they're both meant to be practiced every day," she told Mind Body Green. She also prioritizes drinking water for skin health

Another celebrity esthetician and skincare expert, Renee Rouleau, agrees. Rouleau recommends slowly adding other products to ensure that a specific ingredient isn't irritating your skin (via Today). Skincare is not a one-and-done deal; it is something you need to be committed to and practice daily to see results.

It is smart to have a go-to esthetician

Most of you probably have a hairstylist you trust with your hair and life. Similarly, it is equally important to find your skin professional who can give you your best skin. Natalie Aguilar stresses that if you value your skin, you need to have a go-to skin person for all your skin troubles (via Mind Body Green). But how do you find the right one? "I think you always go with your intuition. Do you feel comfortable with this person?" Aguilar told the outlet.

According to her, you have to go with your gut and see who works for you. Of course, your geography and budget are essential to finding someone as you want it to be convenient without breaking the bank. Before settling on one, check their social media and read their reviews. Another essential thing to remember when choosing an esthetician is to check for their license to make sure they are certified, and remember the products they use so you can research online to make sure they are suitable for you (via Refinery29). However, if you have severe skin issues or a skin condition, you may want to see a dermatologist.

Estheticians give you a personalized skincare routine and treatment

Skincare product marketing is quite convincing. Just because your favorite celebrity raves about a specific product or ingredient doesn't mean you need it, too, as you might have completely different skin types and needs. Suppose you see your friend using something that works like magic for her. This doesn't guarantee it will give you the same results. A good esthetician will personalize your skincare treatment and advise what products you should be using so your skin gets better over time. 

"I really wish people would stop doing what they see others do," Natalie Aguilar told Mind Body Green. And that makes complete sense because your skin might not even need those products, or they could even make your skin worse. For example, if you aren't struggling with acne, do you really want to be using a salicylic acid product because it is considered a must-have?  An esthetician will provide the specialized skincare treatment your skin needs after evaluating it instead of using what is trendy at the time (via Allure). It is about your skin, after all.