The Best Wine To Drink If You're A Cancer

While looking to the stars may not be the most traditionally scientific way to find answers, it can sure be a lot of fun. In fact, some people swear by digging into the zodiac to find out who they should marry, hence the old pickup line "What's your sign?" For Cancers especially, a little investigation can prove beneficial. Cancers take everything to heart and put their soul into everything they do, so before they just give their emotions away, zodiac compatibility can help ensure they're on the right track.

Family is at the center of a Cancer's heart and plays a major role in their happiness (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). If you want to make a sometimes moody crab happy, make sure they are getting a steady dose of connection with family and friends. Arrange a movie or game night — and the more nostalgia, the better.

On a smaller scale, questions for Cancers about their preferences, like the perfect nail art trend or the ideal type of house plant, can also be answered through astrology. Cancers are tenderhearted creatures who love to entertain and invite people into their homes, so let's take a look at the perfect wine for this water sign.

Cancers appreciate a light moscato

Astrologer Skye Alexander tells Eating Well that Cancers would most savor a moscato since it blends well with their good nature. Moscato is an Italian wine that is floral and light (via Wine Folly). It's usually made with peach and orange flavors, but can also include lemon, honeysuckle, and pear. Moscato is most often served as a dessert wine, which would light up this water sign's childlike soul. Cancers thrive on good memories and nostalgia, after all.

"The most popular type of moscato is sweet, delicate, and soft, sometimes with just a bit of fizz — like Cancer people," Alexander told the outlet. "And it's delightful to sip on the porch or beside the pool on a hot July day."

Since Cancers appreciate romantic gestures and meaningful displays of romance, a bottle of moscato perfectly hidden in a picnic basket — and paired with a plate of nut, cheese, and crudités — would surely win them over.

More wine ideas for Cancer signs

Although Cancers are deeply sensitive and compassionate, they tend to have a tough exterior (via Allure). This can translate into not letting people in right away. Consider their symbol, the crab. Crabs go through life always protecting themselves with their rugged shell. In the same way, Cancers maneuver through life always guarding themselves against danger and hurt.

It takes time to get to know a Cancer and you'll have to work to gain their trust. However, once you do, they will be devoted friends and partners. You will always be able to rely on Cancer to be there. So, it makes sense that they'd enjoy a wine that does the same.

Wine Country recommends sangiovese or barbera for the cautious Cancer. These Italian red wines are classics, meaning they are dependable go-tos with a variety of meal choices. With a cherry-flavored base, one favored pairing is good old pizza, sure to delight Cancer's innate sense of down-to-earth family fun.