Expert Reveals Charles And William's Reported Plans For Prince Andrew's Future

The British royal family has been going through somewhat of an upheaval over the last few years. First, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to leave the royals and their duties behind for a life in Southern California with their two young children, Archie and Lilibet. In April 2021, Queen Elizabeth II's husband of 70 years, Prince Philip, passed away at the age of 99. By the fall, the 95-year-old queen herself started experiencing health issues that forced her to use a walking stick, as well as cancel international trips, per CBS News. Then, in February, she contracted COVID-19, per BBC, which she thankfully survived.

While the queen tended to her health issues, she also had to deal with a scandal involving her second son, Prince Andrew, who was sued in August 2021 by Virginia Guiffre, a woman alleging that the prince sexually abused her when she was just 17 years old, according to Time. Andrew settled with Guiffre out of court in February 2022, but by then, the queen had already stripped her son of his patronages and military titles, per People. Now, with the queen's Platinum Jubilee coming to celebrate 70 years on the throne, there are questions on what Andrew's role will be.

Prince Charles and William may not want Andrew to take centerstage

Although Prince Andrew walked side-by-side with his mother at Prince Philip's March 29 memorial commemorating the one-year anniversary of his death, per People, his brother and his nephew might not want him taking such a prominent role at Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration on June 2.

"In terms of royal events, I don't expect we will see Prince Andrew appear in the near future — if ever again," royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told The Mirror. "He won't play any kind of a role in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, of that I think we can be quite sure. Prince Charles and William will be totally opposed to it, it's a non-starter."

Of course, things can very well change by June. According to People, it was the queen who made sure Andrew walked with her, a decision she made despite advice from others in her circle.

"It shows she wholeheartedly loves and believes her son," royal commentator Robert Johnson told People. "As she did when she made a statement about Camilla being Queen's Consort, many people will now accept the Queen's word and judgment."

Charles wanted Andrew to keep a low profile

Queen Elizabeth II may want her second son by her side, but Prince Charles already warned Prince Andrew that for the sake of the family's reputation, he should stay out of sight as much as possible. Prior to Andrew settling with Virginia Giuffre, Charles advised his brother to keep a low profile, especially when coming and going from Windsor Castle, where the queen has been living. 

"He has been warned to keep his head down," a royal source told The Sun. "Charles does not want Andrew to be photographed every other day looking happy and waving as he is driven to the castle." 

According to Page Six, Charles is also furious with Andrew because he told his family that when Giuffre first made allegations against him three years ago, the scandal would blow over and they had nothing to fear from the American woman. However, Giuffre's lawsuit sparked headlines in 2021, with royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams wondering why Andrew settled in February when he still claimed he did nothing wrong. "He claimed innocence, but he has settled and many would regard this as an admission of guilt," Fitzwilliams told The Sun. "If he was innocent then why did he pay?" Rumors have also circulated widely regarding the money source Andrew used to settle, with sources revealing that the queen helped her son fit the bill

Prince Andrew will be with the queen at a Jubilee event

While Prince Charles and Prince William may want Prince Andrew to stay far away from Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, the queen already got her way, having Andrew by her side at Prince Philip's memorial. Now it looks like he will attend at least one Jubilee event, the Epsom Derby, according to Express.

"He was meant to stay invisible during the Platinum Jubilee so there is no way he will be at events like Trooping the Color," a royal source told The U.S. Sun, with Trooping of the Color being a grand event that marks the birthday of the British sovereign. While Elizabeth was born on April 21, the celebration typically takes place in June, according to Town & Country, and this year will coincide with the Platinum Jubilee.

As the queen has had trouble getting around since the fall of 2021, the source said that Andrew expects to be by his mother's side to assist her at the derby.