Kanye West Has A Huge Announcement About Coachella

Kanye "Ye" West has been in headline after headline as of late, and unless you're completely averse to pop culture, you already know why. The rapper does not seem happy that Kim Kardashian is now legally single and dating Pete Davidson, and he's lashed out at her and the comedian via social media in a way that has been called harassment, per Elle. With the alarming posts in the midst of the public divorce drama, West was removed as a performer at the 2022 Grammys, even though he was a nominee (via The Blast). His online activity also raised a red flag for Instagram, who temporarily banned the rapper from posting for violating their policies in regards to hate speech and harassment, according to Today.

It wasn't just award shows and official platforms that found West's behavior alarming — music fans also took notice of his actions towards Kardashian, and nearly 50,000 people signed an online petition to get Coachella to remove West from this year's lineup. West was announced as a headliner alongside Billie Eilish and Harry Styles for the desert music festival that hasn't been held since 2019 (per Vulture), and it looks like the petition signers are getting what they wanted. West is reportedly pulling out of the festival, according to TMZ.

Kanye West is no longer performing at Coachella

Kanye "Ye" West was set to perform on nights three and six of Coachella, but as reported by TMZ, the rapper is going to be a no show. West previously said he would back out of the festival if Billie Eilish didn't apologize to Travis Scott; West felt that Eilish stopping a concert to help a fan and saying, "I wait for people to be okay before I keep going," was a slam on Scott, who kept his AstroWorld concert going after a deadly crowd surge (per People). Along with an Eilish apology, in the all caps Instagram post — which is now deleted — West said that Scott would be performing with him at Coachella. There's no confirmation at this time if Eilish not apologizing had anything to do with West's ultimate decision.

Scott, according to Vulture, had previously been a contender as a 2022 Coachella headliner since he was on the schedule back in 2020, but after the AstroWorld tragedy, he was no longer under consideration. And with no performance from West, it's unlikely that Scott will make an appearance.

As for what West is doing now, he's reportedly told Kim Kardashian that he's going to work on getting better and won't be posting any more abusive statements, per Page Six.