What Is Double-Winged Eyeliner And Why Should You Try It?

We love wearing eyeliner, as this beauty product allows us to get creative while enhancing our eyes. There's even an eyeliner hack to make your eyes look bigger! One eyeliner style that we can never get enough of is winged eyeliner. According to beautyheaven, many makeup enthusiasts adore winged eyeliner because it looks attractive on various types of eyes, regardless of their shape, and will probably never go out of style. After all, who hasn't spent hours exploring the best winged eyeliner hacks on TikTok?

If you like traditional winged liner but you're ready for a trendy new variation of this look, you should definitely experiment with double-winged eyeliner. Glamour noted that this dramatic makeup trend originated in the 1960s and has found its way back to the beauty world today. Furthermore, the look typically consists of a classic wing on the eyelid and a second wing starting below your eye. We're obsessed with this stunning look!

It's all over social media

The double-winged eyeliner trend is all over Instagram, as beauty-lovers have been flaunting a plethora of variations of this head-turning look. To start, you can never go wrong with using classic black eyeliner to create your two wings and make your eyes pop. If you're looking for something a bit more glamorous, you can pair your double wings with a sparkly eyeshadow. This combination will never fail to steal the spotlight on a night out. Anyone looking for contrast can also use white eyeliner between the two black wings to draw more attention to this already bold look. Furthermore, using blue eyeliner instead of black is the perfect way to add more color for a playful spin on this sleek trend.

Even iconic celebrities and TV show characters have been killing it with double-winged eyeliner. For example, the beautiful and talented Zendaya wore a dramatic, '60's-esque double-winged eyeliner and super lengthy lashes not too long ago, and she looked breathtaking. Additionally, @donni.davy, the makeup artist for "Euphoria" posted a striking picture of Maddy's intense double-winged liner from the show.

How to rock this look yourself

If you're thinking of trying this look yourself but don't have much makeup experience or don't know where to start, a YouTube video by PAINTEDBYSPENCER outlines some steps to achieve this trendy look. First, add some subtle eyeshadow, then outline the top eyelid with a black gel liner and make the line a bit thicker as you go, making a wing. Next, do the same thing on the lower lash line, and adjust your lines as needed. We think you can stop there for a basic double-winged look, but if you want to add even more drama to this style, the video recommended a few other steps.

For some more emphasis, gently add a bit of black eyeshadow on the wings and the inward-facing corner of your eye. For contrast and wider-looking eyes, add white or cream eyeliner on your waterline and between the two wings. Lastly, complete the look with mascara and even add fake lashes for more glamour.

Whether or not you decide to add the additional steps for this look, anyone who wants to rock a black double-winged eyeliner look will need a black gel liner. Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, for instance, is currently available at Sephora for $28. If you're looking for a more affordable option, Ulta Beauty is currently selling a Gel Eyeliner pencil for only $8.

We can't wait to try this trend!