The Best Winged Eyeliner Hacks, According To TikTok

Creating the perfect winged liner takes time to master, although Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, and Zoe Saldana make it look easy to create this signature makeup look.

Every eye shape can rock winged eyeliner, which makes learning this technique a must-do. Winged liner delivers that extra punch of boldness to hooded eyes, round eyes, and small eyes when worn correctly. But successfully drawing that perfectly shaped wing (not too thick, but not too thin), and lining your lash line so it's dramatic, but not too overwhelming is not as easy as it looks, according to Flekk Cosmetics.

Kristen Bell even wrote an explainer on how to create the perfect winged eyeliner because everyone wants to know how she does it without the help of makeup artists (via Total Beauty). Luckily makeup gurus are helping those of us without a glam squad — or limitless amount of time — with the best winged eyeliner hacks, according to TikTok.

Grab a sticky note to make a straight winged eyeliner

TikTok user @AleeSha090 tries to make it easy for anyone to recreate the perfect flick-of-the-wrist, cat-eye look by using things laying around the house. For example, a sticky note and your favorite liquid liner.

First, place a medium-sized sticky note under the outer corner of your eye. Then, use the paper as a guide, creating the angle, extending it as far as your heart desires. Short, long, whatever you feel like wearing that day. Finally, line the top of your lash line and create your winged-eyeliner look; going over the liner a few times to create a dark, bold cat-eye.

Of course, skipping the black liner for a bolder, brighter, look-at-me-cause-I-have-arrived signature look is always an option. Use bright colored eyeliner, metallics, or double up and try two fun colors for a fun way to shake up your makeup, per Birchbox.

Bobby pins can work as a template for winged eyeliner

Another household item to try for a winged eyeliner hack: a bobby pin, per @AleeSha090. This hack looks incredibly easy to do since all that is required is a liquid liner and any size bobby pin.

Color the tip of the mouth of the bobby pin with liquid liner and place it against the outer part of your eye. Make sure to align the bottom of the hairpin with your bottom lash line so it's angled. When you lift the bobby pin a perfect angled template makes it easy to create the winged look since all you have to do is fill in the winged portion and line the top of your lid.

Still not getting it? Don't worry, it takes time, patience, and lots of pausing and rewinding to perfect this maneuver. Non-TikTokers can find a video on this makeup hack on @maliayosuf's Instagram where share shows users via video how to get an even winged-eyeliner flick using a large bobby pin.

Watch these videos a few times, practice, practice, practice, and voila! Winged eye-liner perfection.

Use a floss pick for the best winged eyeliner

Flossing is not only a must to maintain optimal oral hygiene, but floss picks are the perfect go-to hack for creating a straight and even winged-eye flick, according to @AleeSha090.

This TikTok hack makes creating a winged eyeliner look almost too easy. Using a floss pick, color the floss with your favorite liquid liner. Angle the pick so the floss lands right at the corner of your eye: then stamp the floss against your skin so the liner leaves a perfect bottom part of the cat-eye. The second part of this hack requires one more quick push of the floss against the top of the end of the wing so you're left with a triangle that you fill in with your liner. Don't forget to line the top of your lash line to create that signature look.

Anyone who has attempted but failed to create a straight and even winged eyeliner understands the frustration of this makeup technique. Seriously, it looks like all it takes is a flick of the wrist but it actually takes an hour and tons of patience. Okay, not really, but for those starting out this process, it does take time. 

Obviously, other TikTok viewers are looking for shortcuts to help create the best-winged eyeliner that much easier since the #MakeUpTutorial has more than 4,000 likes. So just remember, you're not alone!