You'll Never Guess The Theme Of The Birthday Party Danielle Busby Threw For Her Eldest Daughter

If you've seen TLC's reality series "OutDaughtered" you know Adam and Danielle Busby dote on their children, which includes their almost 7-year-old quintuplets Hazel, Riley, Parker, Ava, and Olivia (via InTouch Weekly). However, long before the couple gave birth to the only all-female quintuplets documented in the United States, they had one daughter — Blayke, per Entertainment Weekly

On the family's website, Danielle shared the story of how she and her husband both wanted kids and tried for approximately two years before conceiving their oldest child, who was born on April 5, 2011. "I actually loved being pregnant," she wrote, adding, "Life surely changed once Blayke came into our world and we cannot thank God enough for what He has entrusted us with."

The proud parents also nicknamed their oldest child "Princess Blayke" and have shared countless photos of her growing up. "If you were to ask anyone to describe Blayke they would more than likely tell you she is a 'little princess who always has a bow in her hair' ... they might even say a little bossy, lol," Danielle says on her website page devoted to her firstborn. "But she is perfect in every way," she adds. 

If you guessed Danielle threw Blayke a party themed with tiaras or crowns for her 11th birthday, you might be surprised to learn the oldest Busby daughter simply wanted a Starbucks-themed sleepover, according to Danielle's Instagram page.

Princess Blayke chose the theme and her mom delivered

On her Instagram page, Danielle Busby shared two images from her oldest daughter Blayke's 11th birthday party, which was adorned with green balloons, Starbucks pillows, and slumber tents. "A house full of a bunch of 11 yr old girls was ... loud, wild, fun and exhausting!" Danielle captioned the images. "It was so stinking adorable!"

Blayke and 11 of her guests posed around a Starbucks-themed cake in one photo, and while no actual coffee was visible in either image, the attendees were all smiles. Danielle also took time to praise her oldest daughter, saying, "I'm so thankful for my first born, she is so so so special to me and I love the little lady she is turning into."

When it comes to TLC's popular series, it's sometimes hard to know what to believe. While online rumors have been swirling that the family may not return for the ninth season of "OutDaughtered," the Busbys have not yet made an announcement at the time of writing, according to TV Show Ace. However, both Adam and Danielle are active on Instagram, where they sometimes address questions from fans of the popular show. Only time will tell if viewers continue to watch the Busby daughters grow up.