RHONY's Leah McSweeney Reveals Why She Isn't Dating Right Now

When Leah McSweeney joined "The Real Housewives of New York" she brought so much more to the table than anyone could have predicted. At first she seemed like an odd addition, seeming substantially younger than the rest of the cast and leading an entirely different lifestyle to them. But what McSweeney did offer was blunt candor and drunken antics at a level that the show had never witnessed before, per the Daily Mail.

While many Real Housewives, wait a while before seeing themselves become the villain, for McSweeney that only took one season. During her second season on "RHONY" fans instantly canceled her. She faced a lot of backlash for her excessive drama and her constant complaining, per Heavy. But whether you hate her or love her, McSweeney is still entertaining. 

As "RHONY" faces a huge revamp, it's unlikely that McSweeney will get a third chance. However, that doesn't mean fans will stop hearing from her. The Married To The Mob founder released her memoir "Chaos Theory: Finding Meaning in the Madness, One Bad Decision at a Time" on April 5, according to WWD. If McSweeney is known for one thing it's baring all, and this book is guaranteed to not hold back. 

Leah McSweeney is too busy to date right now

One of the topics that Leah McSweeney dives into in her memoir is her dating life. From her very first episode on "RHONY," McSweeney has been candid about her romances, sharing the messy saga of her relationship with an anonymous beau code-named "Pita Chip," per Distractify. McSweeney has also openly discussed her close relationship with her ex Rob Cristofaro and how they raise their daughter Kier together, per Bravo TV.  While her relationship with her ex may be healthy, McSweeney has definitely struggled through dating, notably during the messy back and forth accusations thrown between her and comedian Michael Che which led to him revealing screenshots of their texts, according to Reality Blurb

Speaking with E! News about her memoir, McSweeney revealed where she stands on dating today, saying, "I'm not dating. If I was dating I would have no problem being open about it." She explained, "I feel like I've been so busy with the book, but look, maybe that's what's next for me. Maybe there will be some dates on the horizon." 

While rumors may continue to swirl around who McSweeney is dating, she's already in a fully commited relationship at the moment... with her book tour.