What Kate Hudson's Relationship With Her Mom Goldie Hawn Is Really Like

Many celebrities working in the entertainment industry come from Hollywood royalty. Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Golden Age legends, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis (via BuzzFeed). Mariska Hargitay from "Law & Order: SVU" is the daughter of actress Jayne Mansfield and famed bodybuilder, Mickey Hargitay, and newcomer Margaret Qualley is the daughter of Andie MacDowell. The list keeps going and going! 

Near the top of this list is Kate Hudson, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn. The famous mother-daughter duo is one of the most iconic in Hollywood, and Hudson has said that her upbringing is the reason why she's so successful in her own acting career (via CNBC). In an interview with the outlet, Hudson opened up about the criticism she faced for having such famous parents — Hudson's father is musician Bill Hudson, and her stepfather is actor Kurt Russell, whom she affectionately refers to as Pa. 

Hudson said people often made her feel as though "none of this belongs to you," and that she "didn't earn any of this." She claimed people often said, "You were just born into it." Due to this, Russell and Hawn "were all about work ethic" from the time that Hudson was a young girl.

The "Almost Famous" actress added, "I couldn't miss a dance class. I think there was also a sense of [my parents] coming from nothing and building their success in how they parented us," she said. Hudson, who has a close relationship with some of her siblings, recently opened up about the special bond she shares with her iconic mother.

The mother-daughter duo gushed about their close bond

Goldie Hawn is a Hollywood legend. The actress has been working in the industry since the 1960s, starring in films like "Shampoo" and "The First Wives Club" (via Turner Classic Movies). In 1976, she married comedian Bill Hudson and together they had two children, Oliver and Kate Hudson (per the Daily Mail). Recently, Kate became an ambassador for the luxury shoe brand Stuart Weitzman, and she enlisted Hawn for the new Weitzman campaign. In a press release issued for the collaboration, Kate gushed about her relationship with her famous mother (per E! News). 

The "Fool's Gold" actress said, "My mom has always been an inspiration to me and, in so many ways, the foundation for my values." She continued, "There's no doubt that I inherited her love for life and all of its experiences big and small. But, she also passed down her love of fashion and Stuart Weitzman shoes, which made it so much fun to work on this campaign together."

The sentiment was shared by Hawn, who also had heartfelt words to say about what it was like to work with her daughter. "I actually have a separate area in my closet just for my Stuart Weitzman shoes, so you know I was excited to be a part of the campaign," she said. Hawn went on to add, "But more than that, spending the day with my daughter and watching her shine always brings me unimaginable joy." 

It seems like these two have a special bond!